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24 October 2023

Niagara Falls/Canadian musician THUNDERCLAP! is getting ready to enjoy Halloween.
He does it with his new tongue-in-cheek tune named THE LITTELST MONSTER.

“I wrote the nuts & bolts of this song on Halloween 5 years ago in the deep woods of Quebec with the celebrated writer Leigh Kotsilidis. On the fly I took some friends out last Halloween to guerrilla film a night of trick or treating knowing that I was going to release it the following year, sooo it was only 3 weeks ago that I finished the song, recorded a demo, edited the video, got my animator collaborator to do his part, recorded the final version (with Matt Keighan) and abracadabra!

I toiled for the perfect lyrics although they came relatively fast. I wanted the song to give kids the type of willies that MJ’s Thriller gave me when I was a lad; as well as the fun of the Monster Mash & I feel I achieved that. It all turned out to have a vaudevillian feel which I didn’t plan for but certainly gives it it’s own finger print.”

Littlest Monster is ghostly fun, it’s catchy as hell-oween, it’s spooky comedy.
It’s piano-boogie melodic. If you ask me, Thunderclap and his cat do not need
to dress/make-up next week, they already look scary enough.

Trick or Thunderclap? It’s your call.




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