Waking Up With New Creepy/Hilarious OSEES Blow

Works faster than caffeine

25 June 2022

Artwork new album

JOHN DWYER, the man who breathes, eats, drinks and dreams
music will test your speakers’ resilience with a new OSEES album,
named A FOUL FORM in August.

But first new single PERM ACT.

Listen what Dwyer has to say about the song’s inspiration. Creepy but oh so funny.

Dwyer: “Who likes a cop? Other cops. After years of having unpleasant to violent encounters with police, I had the thought that wouldn’t it be fun if they loved each other so much they ate each other…a sort of dark comedy contemporary and executive branch based “a modest proposal.”

Here’s the unhinged, animated clip. Brilliant…

All tour dates 2022 HERE.

OSEES: Facebook


Waking Up… MY WAY (Comme D’Habitude)

Works faster than caffeine

Yoohoo. I’m having holidays in the sun in the South
of France, so let’s have some French music.

Do you know the origin of FRANK SINATRA‘s blockbuster
hit MY WAY (288 million streams on Spotify)?

It’s his cover of a French song called COMME D’HABITUDE (“As Usual”).
A song about routine in a relationship falling out of love composed by
French songwriter Jacques Revaux, with lyrics by French pop star
CLAUDE FRANCOIS who made it a big hit in 1967.

A year later the song was played to Canadian crooner Paul Anka who loved
it on the spot. He wrote new lyrics for it, passed it on to The Golden Voice who
cemented it for eternity. His most famous and iconic performance ever.




Waking Up With… New Tantalizing GORILLAZ Tune

Works faster than caffeine

23 June 2022

Gorillaz kicked off their world tour in Uruguay last April. That night,
they played  two new songs, of which one is called CRACKER ISLAND.

The band just shared the recently recorded studio version, and is now
streaming all over the Internet. Orchestrator Albarn invited bass player
Thundercat to play along.

It’s a tantalizing feel-good tune. It’s pure Gorillaz…

GORILLAZ: Instagram

Waking Up With… TWO DOORS CINEMA CLUB And New Adrenalized Cracker ‘WONDERFUL LIFE’

Works faster than caffeine

22 June 2022

(artwork new album)

Fervent dance popsters TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB
are back just in time for a (hopefully) hot summer.

The Irishmen just announced a 2 September release
for their 5th album, named KEEP ON SMILING.

Along the message comes the first single. WONDERFUL LIFE
should remind us of the fact that not all is bad and sad in these
turbulent times.

Don’t hold back to jump around the kitchen…


Waking Up With… THE WATERBOYS Going To Glastonbury

Getting up in the morning

21 June 2022

Scottish pop/rock heroes THE WATERBOYS conducted by MIKE SCOTT are gearing
up for their twelfth performance at the famous Glastonbury Festival, next Saturday.
Their first appearance ever was in 1984.

To celebrate the occasion, Mike Scott and multi-instrumentalist
Brother Paul wrote a melancholic lullaby titled GLASTONBURY FAYRE.

A love declaration to Glastonbury.

Mike Scott comments: “This is our tribute to the fabbest fest of all, when the nation comes together in all its true wild weirdness and shakes out the blues. A hymn of gratitude to the mighty Glastonbury Festival for all it’s given us over the last fifty years.”