Liverpool’s Rock Bitches COURTING Cover ICONA POP/CHARLI XCX

24 January 2023

(Press photo FB)

Liverpool’s young wolves COURTING made a mighty impression with their
arousing debut album Guitar Music last year. A charged-pop-rock work of
elated electricity.

And now they surprise with a punked-up cover of Icona Pop‘s 2013
booming dancefloor knockout, which also features wildcat Charli XCX.


“This song accidentally became a live staple on our previous tour, and we decided
that we had to record it. It is silly, shouty, faithful, and a mere drop of water in the
ocean of how much we adore Charli XCX. We are forever grateful for her artistry.”

Seems like COURTING became rock bitches too.

“You’re on a different road, I’m in the Milky Way
You want me down on Earth, but I am up in space
You’re so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch
You’re from the ’70s, but I’m a ’90s bitch
I love it
I love it”

Go gaga.

The original

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TOYAH And ROBERT – Still In The Kitchen At Parties In 2023

On the seventh day – almost 3 years ago – TOYAH and her
beloved husband ROBERT FRIPP (King Crimson) created
their Sunday Lunch Sessions as a fun pastime while being
locked up in their kitchen due to that shit virus.

The virus is beaten and (almost) gone, but these two rockin’
clowns offsprings are still alive and kicking hard, and they’ll
keep on doing it in 2023.

Join them for a mental take on The Offspring
1998 cracker The Kids Aren’t Alright.

Right here, right now…




3 January 2023

British indie legends Gang Of Four influenced many post-punk bands,
mainly because of guitarist Andy Gill‘s innovative way of play.

Almost 3 years ago, he passed away due to multiple organ failure and pneumonia.
He was only 1964. Since then, multiple artists paid tribute with covers of Gang Of Four songs.

One of the most notable is the rendition by Portland’s groove turbine
The Dandy Warhols of 1981 track What We All Want. A stunner of
a version. Check it out below.

Could I be happy with something else
I need something to fill my time
Could I be happy with someone else
I need someone to fill my time

The original

GANG OF FOUR: Bio – Discography

(The Dandy Warhols – photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Striking Version – DAVE GROHL And Friends Cover RANDY NEWMAN’s ‘I LOVE L.A.’

It’s the third, consecutive year now that foo fighter Dave Grohl
and his buddy, producer/multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurtsin their
Hanukkah Sessions

On one of them Grohl invited some friends – YYYs Karen O, Beck
and Tenacious D – to join him on backing vocals for his cover of
Randy Newman 1983 hit I LOVE L.A..

And? Grohl is on an energetic roll. A pretty striking version. Big fun.


Portland’s Dream Pop Duo PURE BATHING CULTURE Cover THE PRETENDERS’ Xmas Classic ‘2000 MILES’

5 December 2022

It’s been 2 years since Portland’s dream pop duo PURE BATHING CULTURE
released their latest longplayer – the 4th in 10 years – with Hats.

They return now to connect with the upcoming holidays with a cover of the magnific 1983 Xmas reverie 200 MILES (more than 84 million streams on Spotify) by THE PRETENDERS, written/sung by the fabulous Chrissie Hynde.

PBC shared it along with this message.

“hi friends! happy holidays! we’re excited to share our cover of 2000 miles by one of
our very favorite bands the pretenders! it was truly a joy to explore this song together.  

the holidays can be tough especially if you’ve lost someone or if you’re separated from loved ones, so this one goes out to anyone who’s going through a hard time right now. sometimes there’s magic to be found in the melancholy though…it’s been a rough year for us in a lot of ways but you all are our diamonds sparkling in the snow. thank you for being here with us!
your support here at bandcamp truly makes a huge difference.

we love you all, thank you so much for listening to our music we love being here with you!”

PBC‘s take has a similar approach, sounding both emotive and tender,
not cheesy Xmassy. Sarah Versprille‘s starry-eyed voice and Daniel Hindman‘s
sparkling guitar lines come together just beautifully. Glorious version.

the track here…

Original version

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KURT VILE And His Two Daughters Cover ‘MUST BE SANTA’

22 November 2022

Laidback country pop singer-songwriter KURT VILE was invited by Spotify to cover
a Xmas song exclusively for the giant stream platform’s new Christmas compilation playlist.

Vile: I thought it was nice of them to invite me, but I didn’t know if I could pull off a Christmas song! Then my mind jumped to when John Agnello showed me the Bob Dylan version of “Must Be Santa” while we were making the Smoke Ring For My Halo record. Bob Dylan has a wig on, and someone goes flying through a window. All this time, I thought it was Bob Dylan’s song. It’s really catchy, and he makes it his own, as he usually does. I figured if I can do Dylan’s “Must Be Santa,” if that’s not taken, it’s a sign. I gotta be the next chapter in this version of a Bob Dylan song. Then I realized it was actually a classic Christmas song, and was written however long ago, but I still wanted to do it justice the way Bob did. I wanted to be the guy who attempted to pull it off.”

“It feels like a perfect circle, really. I thought I’d do an acoustic version and have my daughters sing backup, but then it turned into more of a weird synth version with their vocals, which is really the hook. I figured Bob wouldn’t hear it, but I still wanted to do it justice, and once I got my daughters singing with me I hoped he would at least like it. Now I know… he loves it. Merry Christmas, Bob Dylan!

Yes, it is Santa, folks.

That crazy Bob Dylan version (2009)

The original version.
Written by Hal Moore and Bill Fredericks.
First recorded/released by New York
artist Mitch Miller in 1960.

Rock Amazon KATE CLOVER Will Walk With Her Boots All Over Belgium Tomorrow

28 October 2022

Who: A singer-songwriter-musician from Los Angeles, CA. From the local lineage
of bands like X, Germs and The Gun Club to the glamorous poverty of the streets
of L.A. Clover is inspired by the city that raised her and she explores the intricacies
of self-discovery, self-creation and self-preservation, in the city where dreams are
born to die.

Just a couple of weeks ago she released new single You’re Phone’s
Of The Hook
. A brisk head-over-heels rockin’ ripper. Check it out here.

And earlier this year she recorded, featuring Warren Thomas, a cracking
cover of Nancy Sinatra‘s classic THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING .

Her glorious take is pretty special. Its rotating rockabilly riff brings The Cramps
back to live and injects the classic with a psychedelic vibe. But there’s more to it.
Midway a reverberating six-string creeps into the song, here and there I hear
sultry echoes of a 60s Hammond organ and Clover sounds as sensual as 60s
icon Nancy Sinatra. Top version.

Tomorrow Clover plays at the Badlands Festival in my hometown of
Ghent, Belgium. I wouldn’t mind if she walked with her boots all over me.

Here we go…

The original


KATE CLOVER: Facebook – Instagram – Linktree

TOYAH & FRIPP With Some Help From Mr. Brightside CHESNEY HAWKES

Just when you think that TOYAH & FRIPP can’t top their most hilarious
moments anymore, the fabulous YouTube stars come up with this new
Sunday Lunchperformance that made me burst out laughing.

This week the lovers picked Mr. Brightside, the ace debut
single by Los Angeles’ glam pop darlings THE KILLERS.

And they let British mega idol Chesney Hawkes do the signing
so they both could concentrate on moving in mysterious ways.
You bloody clowns!

Roll the tape.

The original killer

Toyah & Robert‘s ‘Sunday Lunch’ YouTube channel HERE

FATHER JOHN MISTY Covers STEVIE WONDER Pearl With Stirring Affection

21 September 2022

(photo by Noël McGrath)

Joshua Michael Tillman (41) aka Father John Misty
shared a 6-track live EP recorded last March at the
famous New York studio ‘Electric Lady‘.

The EP includes reworkings of songs from this year’s longplayer
Chloë And The Next 20th Century and his cover of a Stevie Wonder
pearl, I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) from his 1972
LP Talking Book.

A truly stirring and affected version.

The Stevie Wonder original

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