DEPECHE MODE Frontman DAVE GAHAN Covers Legends THE GUN CLUB With Formidable ‘MOTHER OF EARTH’ Version

25 July 2023

For the past decade, a group of friends and fans of Jeffrey Lee Pierce,
the late great frontman of wayward rock band The Gun Club (1979–1996)
have recorded 3 posthumous tribute albums called
the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project.

The fourth volume of that series is now canned The Task Has Overwhelmed Us,
and comes in September. It’ll feature contributions from big names such as
Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, Mark Lanegan, Warren Ellis, Mick Harvey, Lydia Lunch,
and more.

Depeche Mode‘s voice/face DAVE GAHAN
is also part of the star cast.

His version of country rock pearl MOTHER EARTH
from the Gun Club‘s 1982 LP Miami is formidable.

He slowed it down, and after a downhearted piano intro, the song
swells with tension and burning guitar-infused electricity and ends
with the melancholic first part.



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