MEET ME @ THE ALTAR – Cast Iron Pop Punk Trio Erupt On New Outburst ‘GIVE IT UP’

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25 July 2023

Back in 2015 three girls, Téa Campbell, Ada Juarez and Edith Victoria (vocalist) met through YouTube, shared the same taste in music, became friends and eventually formed a band named MEET ME @ THE ALTAR, although they lived in 3 different states Florida, Georgia and New Jersey.

It took a while before the trio recorded/released music. It happened with their
first single, titled The Garden in 2020, followed a year later with their 6-track EP
Model Citizen. And last March the high-energetic girlfriends unleashed their
critically lauded debut LP PAST//PRESENT//FUTURE

A couple of days ago the news came that a deluxe edition of the longplayer will
land in September, containing 4 new songs. One of them is a belter called GIVE IT UP.

“It’s about feeling lost, confused, and indecisive about which way to go. A big takeaway from this song is that sometimes you need help figuring it out. Even though we love this song so much, we didn’t think it fit sonically with the initial tracklist of Past // Present // Future. We wanted the deluxe release to be a glimpse into another side of us, giving you a sound that’s fresh, new, and different.”

Give It Up proves once again that the band’s music genre labelled pop punk isn’t
wholly accurate. Yes they write poppy, catchy melodies, but as displayed here (again)
they produce an adrenalized metallic powerhouse sound that causes moshpits. Think
Blink-182 fronted by Miley Cyrus. Fireworks guaranteed. Say no more.


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