SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 2…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven kicking strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven snappy tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Isolation’ by THE RACER (New York, NY, US)
A towering, balladesque melody driven by enraptured orchestration and goosebumps vocals, turns crescendo into captivating epicness that touches heart and soul. Wonderful!

THE RACER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Saturday Show’ by KNOX HAMILTON (Little Rock, Arkansas, US)
Here’s an anthemic power pop giant spiced delightfully with buoyant vocals, compelling consonance and a titanic chorus. Mighty performance, big score! You’ll have it on repeat.

KNOX HAMILTON: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

3/ ‘Beaches’ by THE CAVVES (Wichita, Kansas, US)
This boosting jingle jangle guitar sunbeam, right in the midst of freezing cold days, will heat up all of your senses. More sparks on their fresh 7-track debut ‘Learn To Swim’ here.

THE CAVVES: Facebook

4/ ‘English Girls’ by UK CINEMA (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Romantic Canadian Britpop daydream colored with twinkling guitars while starry-eyed vocals float all over this tuneful gem that brings Belle & Sebastian to mind. Enchanting!

UK CINEMA: Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp

5/ ‘Yellow Rose’ by HOTEL DEL SALTO (Carmarthen, Wales)
Welsh singer/songwriter J Francis aka Hotel De Salto with another multi-layered pop symphony revealing sound secrets with every spin. His music feels like an adventure.

HOTEL DE SALTO: Facebook – Label: Libertino Records

6/ ‘Fill A Hole’ by THE FRANCOS (Wollongong, Australia)
Guitar pop brightness to fill your sonic batteries with in the morning. Catchy and elevating. From the band’s sparkling 5-track EP ‘Take The Train Home‘ – listen here on Bandcamp.

THE FRANCOS: Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp

7/ ‘Serpent Speak’ by AURAL AIR (Dublin, Ireland).
Adventurous Björk like pop mystery carried by poetic guitar euphony and enlightened with Laura Rai‘s remarkable voice. Discover her new ‘The Torpor of Minds’ EP on Bandcamp.

AURAL AIR: Facebook –  Twitter

See/hear you next week, music junkies…