Intruiging Songstress STEPH SWEET Has Her New Swing Moods Album ‘EDIE’ Out

22 June 2022

Who: Intriguing DIY indie singer & musician who ran away from home at
the age of fifteen and started singing in bands. The start of an exciting journey.
When she discovered Soundcloud, she never looked back. She just released
her 4th longplayer.

New album: EDIE
Released: 3 June 2022 – Recorded and mixed by Silvano Audisio in Italy.
Buy via Apple Music or via Sweet’s Website.

Turn Up The Volume: If you bring one of my all-time fav bands The Kills to mind you have all my attention. Sweet has their dark underground blues rock swagger, but with a punkier and rawer resonance (Berlin Heel / Edie).

These two opening tracks are just the beginning of an intriguing ride. What Did You Do In The Eco Wars Daddy and Stop Killing The Elephants wouldn’t be out of place on one of the mad LPs of American trash-and-slash duo Royal Trux. Then again Sweet goes in trance on You Are Gold and Breathe, while on shadowy reflections Feverfew and Tokyo Rain, Canadian femme fatale Tess Parks appears in the same nightdreams where Sweet loves to chill-out.

Different songs for different mood swings. Hard to really get into Steph Sweet‘s private universe, but it feeds the foggy side of your own universe. With Edie you get the best of both worlds.

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