Amazing Artwork! ABC 40 Years Ago Today

Eye-catching album cover art

British new wave romantics ABC led by grand voice Martin Fry scored a
No 1 hit in the UK with their glossy debut pop album THE LEXICON OF LOVE.

It came out today 40 years ago, on 21 June 1982.

Creem (former American music monthly mag) said: “It’s a piece of sumptuous kitsch.
The whole shebang is so florid, so exaggerated, so damned catchy – you want to hear the album a second time before it’s even half over.”

The album features repeated themes in which Fry experiences heartache as he tries and fails to have a meaningful relationship. The cover of the longplayer visualized his battle
of love.



Singles/clips: The Look Of Love / All Of My Heart / Poison Arrow




Martin Fry celebrates the LP’s anniversary on the road.

ABC: Story

Amazing Artwork – Cover Of New BRIAN ENO Echoing PERFUME GENIUS Album

Eye-catching album cover art

18 June 2022

PERFUME GENIUS, the artistic project of Seattle’s notable singer-songwriter
Michael Aiden Handreas has a brand new album out called UGLY SEASON.

The music of the record was initially written for PG and choreographer
Kate Wallich’s immersive dance piece, titled The Sun Still Burns Here back
in 2019. The place was performed in Seattle, New York City and Washington.

It’s PG most experimental LP so far, mostly instrumental. Its music reminded
me instantly of the early cinematic and ambient solo works of Brian Eno.

The artwork is quite striking too.

UGLY SEASON on Spotify


Amazing Artwork – DJ SHADOW 20 Years Ago

Amazing album cover art

Hip-hop musician/producer/performer DJ SHADOW released his second album
THE PRIVATE PRESS 20 years ago today, on 4 June 20002 (six years after his stunning debut Entroducing…). It peaked at #3 on the American electro-dance Album Charts.

The Private Press was named in honor of the tiny record labels that people once
used to put out tiny runs of music for fun, with no thought given to posterity.

Key single

Full album


Amazing Artwork – Cover Of New OSEES Album

Great album cover art

17 May 2022

Centipede JOHN DWYER is one of the hardest-working men on the planet.
He entertains garage-guitar-punk freaks all over the world with a non-stop
productivity with different bands.

Now he has another longplayer, baptized A FOUL FORM with OSEES
ready to inflame summer on 17th August via Castleface Records.

Dwyer says: “It’s brain stem cracking scum-punk
recorded tersely in the basement of my home.”

Along with the news comes the first single FUNERAL SOLUTION.

A blustery 1.52-minute whirlwind accompanied by a blustery whirlwind video…

OSEES: Facebook

Amazing Artwork – THE BIRTHDAY PARTY 40 Years Ago

Great album cover art

Band: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (1978-1983)
Who: Maniacal Australian gang fronted by
a young Nick Cave.

Artwork: Cover of their third and final LP JUNKYARD
released 10 May 1982. 40 years ago.

Drawing by American cartoonists Ed Roth and Dave Christensen.
The image looks like how NME described the BP back then:
“The Birthday Party are awful. Subversively awful. Awesomely great.
Awesomely brilliant.”

Key track: Dead Joe


Amazing Artwork – Cover Of New Album By Metalcore Loudmouths CANDY

Amazing album art

Metallic hardcore loudmouths CANDY from Richmond, Virginia just spread the news of
a new, their second, album, titled HEAVEN IS HERE coming next June. Pre-order info here.

I couldn’t find out (yet) what the LPs cover is about, but it doesn’t look
like heaven to me. On the opposite, I see a sort of hellish Holocaust scene.

Alert your ears, here comes the first single

CANDY: Facebook