Best 10 Songs Of 2022 According To British Top Music Website LOUDER THAN WAR

The British music and culture website/magazine (one of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite sources) that focuses mainly on alternative music, arts, books and movies for 12 years now, revealed their TOP 10 of BEST SONGS OF 2022.

1. ‘The Only Way I Can Love You’ by SUEDE (London, UK)


2. ‘A Time And A Place’ by NARCISSUS (Manchester, UK)


3. ‘Chaise Longue’ by WET LEG (Isle Of Wight, UK)


4. ‘2p Machine’ by FRANCIS lung (Manchester, UK)


5. ‘Black Flag’ by THE CIDES (UK)


6. ‘I Am The White Stripes’ by NIHILISTS (UK)


7. ‘Wooden Spoon Number’ by THE BATTERY FARM (Manchester, UK)


8. ‘Bad Habit’ by STEVE LACY (CPT, United States)


9. ‘Eight Fivers’ by GILLA BAND (Ireland)


10. ‘Midlife In A Small Town’ by DEAD SHEERAN (England)

LOUDER THAN WAR: Full 2022 Report


Turn Up The Volume selects 10 gems of favorite artists/bands

4 August 2022

Who doesn’t like making all sorts of (play)lists?

I do. Best of lists, end-of-the-year lists, golden oldies lists,
only family lists, guilty pleasure song lists, summer lists,
brand new song lists. Okay, stop, I think I made my point.

Let’s start a new series of lists called 10 GEMS.

Ten mega-super-cool crackers, to my ears, by my
favorite artists/bands. For starters: Boston’s giant
noise-rock titans PIXES

(Awesome live versions)




The full TOP 10 (Spotify)

PIXIES: Discography

10 Best Tracks Of 2020 According To LOUDER THAN WAR – Hells Bells!

Very popular British music website LOUDER THAN WAR revealed its list of
Best 2020 Tracks. This one is definitely my cup of tea. Here’s the top 10

1. ‘We Live Here’ by BOB VYLAN (Sandtown, San Jose, US)
Metallic rap rant. Gangbuster slam…

2. ‘Excellent Public Speaker’ by THE BATTERY FARM (Manchester, UK)
Bam clash bam clash bam clash bam…

3. ‘Psychedelic Shirt‘ by MICKO & THE MELLOTRONICS (Leeds, UK)
Riff crazy jim-dandy…

4. ‘Long Stem Carnation’ by THE LOVELY EGGS (UK)
Amplified fast-slow-fast-slow-fast pop punch…

5. ‘Wildfires’ by SAULT (UK)
Haunting pop-noir for the twilight hours…

6. ‘A Hero’s Death’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Ireland)
Dublin misfits on a roll again…

7. Aries by GORILLAZ (UK)
Damon Albarn & Co and Peter Hook…

Prog rock psychedelia from down under…

9. Flytippin’ by DEAD SHEERAN (UK)
Street-punk-rap sneer…

10. ‘I Am The Weapon’ by THE COOL GREENHOUSE (UK)
Symphony in motion. Weird and cool at the same time…

The full 2020 list here.

Also on Spotify


(comments by Turn Up The Volume!)

10 Best Songs Of 2020 According to ROLLING STONE – What Ever Happened To My Rock And Roll?

Most lists of best 2020 albums and tracks ignore rock ‘n’ roll completely. Lists by legendary music websites such as Rolling Stone and NME who used to champion rock for ages and still do (only) when it comes to big-name acts. Same game with more recent webzines like Stereogum and Pitchfork. It’s all about hip-hop, R & B, EDM, and synth-pop these past few years. I know, it’s the music liked by millions (see the number of YT views of each and every track below) these days, no problem so far.

But what I don’t understand is that the very same online music press raves about records by rock acts such as The Strokes, Fontaines D.C, Idles, Deftones, Flaming Lips, Thurston Moore and so many more, the moment their singles/albums came out but not a word at the end-of-the-year. Weird, but it is what it is.

I’m definitely looking forward to Turn Up The Volume‘s best 2020 firework
and I’ll play Black Rebel Motorcycle Club while waiting…

I’m ready now to go through the 10 best songs of
the past 12 months according to Rolling Stone.

“In the darkest depths of Covid lockdown — at a moment in history when leaving your house could literally get you killed — Cardi B and Megan delivered the perfect instructions on how to beat the quarantine blues:”RS

306.341.716 YouTube views

2. ‘Key West (Philosopher Pirate)’ by BOB DYLAN
“In the nine-minute “Key West (Philosophical Pirate),” he’s adrift in Florida, murmuring the Sunshine State blues over a ghostly accordion, as he growls, “Key West is the place to be if
you’re looking for immortality.”

598.850 YouTube views

3. ‘People, I’ve Been Sad’ by CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS
“With sparse synths and a voice on the verge of tears, Christine and the Queens captured the universal moment with words in English and French about missing out, disappearing, and falling apart.”RS

3.089.767 YouTube views

4. ‘Blinding Lights’ by WEEKND
“The real magic is how his voice and the song’s chiming keyboard line lingers in your head well after he injects new life into the greatest Eighties-steeped lyrical cliché of them all: “I can’t sleep until I feel your touch.”RS

306.750.942 YouTube views

5.’August’ by TAYLOR SWIFT
“Swift’s lithely vocals soar across string instrumentation as she tells the story from
the side of the “other” woman. One thing is for certain: Don’t trust Inez.”

16.669.449 YouTube views

6. ‘Don’t Start Now’ by DUA LIP
“A song that yearns to be bumped in a packed club, that still boasts a hook that
actually made for a perfect Covid quarantine meme: “Don’t show up/Don’t come out.”

YouTube views

7. ‘Dynamite’ by BTS
“Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll/King Kong, kick the drum/Rolling on like a Rolling Stone!”RS

686.556.896 YouTube views

8. ‘Ladies’ by FIONA APPLE
It’s a heart-to-heart that is as sincere as it is wryly funny: Apple has never sounded more sure of herself than when she lists off all the leftover baggage, literally and figuratively, that she’s left behind for her old flame’s new love.” – RS

582.880 YouTube views

9. ‘Adore You’ by HARRY STYLES
“It’s a sleek sliver of psychedelic soul, where Styles dreams up a “strawberry lipstick
state of mind,” and then offers you an irresistible invitation to join him there.”

YouTube views

10. ‘Gaslighter‘ by THE CHICKS
“The Chicks blasted back this year with the best jerk-torching anthem they’ve
given us since the glory days of “Goodbye Earl,” back in the late-Nineties.”

7.052.027 YouTube views