4 May 2022


He has written for several British music magazines such as Kerrang!,
NME, Mojo, Q, and Revolver
and also for newspaper The Guardian..

Publisher: Faber (UK) – order info here.

“Money, freedom, adoring fans: professional musicians seem to have it all.
But beneath the surface lies a frightening truth: for years the music industry
has tolerated death, addiction and exploitation in the name of entertainment.

“Ian Winwood explores the industry’s reluctance to confront its many failures in
a far-reaching story which features first-hand access to artists such as Foo Fighters,
Green Day, Trent Reznor, Biffy Clyro, Kings of Leon, Chris Cornell, Mark Lanegan,
Pearl Jam. Much more than a touchline reporter, Winwood also tells the tale of his
own mental-health collapse following the shocking death of his father.

“Written with warmth, humour and bracing honesty, Bodies is a deeply
personal story and essential reading for musicians and fans alike.”

You can read NME‘s detailed review here

Libertine PETER DOHERTY Has His Memoir ‘A LIKELY LAD’ Out On 16 June

25 April 2022

That libertine PETER DOHERTY (now 43) had a turbulent life so far is
an understatement. And there are tons of stories to back it up, now
assembled in a memoir titled A LIKELY LAD written by the man himself
and Simon Spence.

Out 16 June. Order info here.

Rough Trade: “The long-awaited, candid memoir from Peter Doherty, whose talent as a musician has more often been eclipsed by a Herculean appetite for selfdestruction: drugs, prison, prostitution, court, murder, death, robbery, car crashes and hospital emergencies.

There is humour, warmth, insight, baleful reflection, and a defiant sense of triumph. This is Doherty’s version of the story – the genuine man behind the fame and infamy. This is a rock memoir like no other.”

Only last month Doherty released an album made with French composer Frédéric Lo.

The Fantasy Life Of Poetry & Crime is a diamond of a record.
One of the best albums I heard so far, this year.

You can stream it Spotify

PETER DOHERTY: Facebook – Instagram

BOB DYLAN – The Noble Prize Winner’s New Book ‘THE PHILOSOPHY OF MODERN SONG’ Comes In November

2 April 2022


Author: BOB DYLAN – It’s the Nobel Prize laureate’s
first new book since 2004’s Chronicles: Volume One.

Out: 8 November 2022 – Order info here.

Content: Dylan’s unique reflection on the ideas and philosophy contained in modern
popular song. He began working on the book in 2010, offers a master class on the art
and craft of songwriting. He writes over sixty essays focusing on songs by other artists,
spanning from Stephen Foster to Elvis Costello, and in between ranging from Hank
to Nina Simone.

He analyzes what he calls the trap of easy rhymes, breaks down how the addition of a single syllable can diminish a song, and even explains how bluegrass relates to heavy metal. These essays are written in Dylan’s unique prose. They are mysterious and mercurial, poignant and profound, and often laugh-out-loud funny.

And while they are ostensibly about music, they are really meditations and reflections on
the human condition. Running throughout the book are nearly 150 carefully curated photos
as well as a series of dream-like riffs that, taken together, resemble an epic poem and add to the work’s transcendence.

BOB DYLAN: Website

The Original ADAM & THE ANTS Story 1977-1980

24 March 2022

Book: Blood, Sweat, Leather & Tears.
The Original Adam & The Ants story 1977-80

Publisher: Old Dog Books

Content: “Everyone’s heard of chart-topping Adam and the Ants, but long before that period, there was a more subversive, stylish, futuristic punk-infused band. Little is known about what went on in this secretive clandestine world. These days people whisper about those debauched times and are curious to know the truth. Step inside these pages to find out how four cocksure northern kids from Bradford got involved with the most exciting, but the most reviled band ever. How did they cope on the streets of London? Meet characters like Simone who worked in a fetish club. She was the one ‘Ant lady’ everyone wanted to date. Who succeeded? Then, meet the ‘Ant kids’ who Loved The Ants and no one was going to stop them from following their band period. How did all these underage kids who sometimes had to come to gigs in their school uniforms get into shows? They would often find themselves in dangerous situations where rampaging Skinheads would turn up to attack them at gigs. And finally What’s it like sharing a house with Adam, Filmmaker Julien Temple, and Adam’s girlfriend at the time, Actress Amanda Donohoe.”

Author: Johna Johnson.
A writer and well-known face and much-loved character on the UK Punk Scene back in the 70s. He followed – as a fan – and worked – professionally – with a lot of bands of that era.

Louder Than War about the book: “One of the book’s highlights is the cast of characters
it contains, from fucked up hitch-hikers to submissive sex slaves. While this makes for an entertaining read, I would hazard a guess that this is where some of the artistic license is
used that makes the book a novel. While some characters are verifiably real people, I would
bet money that others are not. Not that this matters, as it ensures the book is peopled by characters who add to the story, as all novels should. How much is an artistic license anyway?”
Full review here.

Watch a 10-minute introduction to the phenomenon of Adam And The Ants

Book order info: here.

PRINT THE MYTH: JOE STRUMMER Portraits 1981-2001

9 March 2022

PRINT THE MYTH: Joe Strummer Portraits 1981-2001 is a new hardback book
containing more than 200 photos. Pics of the late great punk rock Strummer taken between 1981 and 2001, most of which have never before been seen.

Out in the Autumn via Rocket 88 Books.
For all details and order info, click HERE.

The book has the blessing of The Clash and Strummer’s family.

The photos are by photographer Josh Cheuse. Born in New York City in 1965 he started his career at the age of 16. In 1981 he used the payphone at his high school to call The Clash at Electric Ladyland Studios in Manhattan to ask if he could photograph the band.

There followed a lifetime career creating imagery for the music world. Since then Cheuse has created photography, packaging and marketing campaigns for artists including AC/DC, Tony Bennett, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Black Crowes, John Coltrane, Oasis, and The Specials.

There will be 3 different limited editions of the book:
The Classic, The Signature and The Ultimate.
All info  HERE.


Expanded Edition Of JOY DIVISION Book With Photos By Legendary Photographer KEVIN CUMMINS Out Now

4 January 2022

With photos by legendary Manchester photographer Kevin Cummins.
He worked for 25 years for iconic weekly magazine NME that used to be
the bible for all alternative/indie music.

Content book: “A new, expanded edition of the legendary book published more than
a decade ago, now with added interviews and unpublished photographs. The definitive collection of the Joy Division photographs of Kevin Cummins, including new interviews with Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris. Originally published in 2007 in an ultra-limited run of just 226 copies, Juvenes is a book with legendary status among Joy Division devotees.

The book consists of Kevin’s selection of pictures from his Joy Division archive accompanied
by short personal essays and memories from the band’s family, contemporaries and fans and from several writers including Ian Rankin, David Peace and Natalie Curtis. The foreword is by Ian Rankin. Now comprehensively updated with new material and images that have never been published in a book before, this new edition will allow the band’s many die-hard fans to own it for the first time. Juvenes is a truly special celebration of the magic of Joy Division.”

To my eyes this stunning photo of the late great Ian Curtis
is the most fascinating one ever of the Joy Division frontman.

Cummins: “Curtis’s arresting stare in this 1979 portrait has
become an “emblem” of his legacy with the band.”

You can purchase the book right here.

Kevin Cummins: Website

Picture This – MOTÖRHEAD Photo Book On Its Way

26 December 2021

Manic metalheads MOTÖRHEAD were the ace of spades when it came to
crushing the legal level of decibels with their kamikaze racket. True noise
champions, led by party animal LEMMY who would have celebrated his
76th birthday 2 days ago (born 24 Dec 1945 in Stoke-on-Trent, England)

The band canned 22 studio albums between 1975
and 2015. (Lemmy passed away on 28 December 2015).

A new photo book about the legendary trio titled
FAST & LOOSE is coming next week, 30 December.
Order info here.

“From 1976 to 1982 Graham Mitchell traveled countless miles of highway with Motörhead as their tour manager and trusted friend. Fortunately, he brought along his camera. Captured through the lens of their trusted friend, those photos—many of them never seen before—have now been collected in the new book “Motorhead: Fast & Loose – Snapshots from the Graham Mitchell Archive.” The images are a gritty, intimate and authentic “insider’s view” of daily life on the road with Lemmy, Phil Taylor, and Eddie Clarke as they were setting out to take over the world.”

The book’s promo trailer


SHANE MACGOWAN Announces Art Photo Book

25 December 2021

First things first: Happy 64, Xmas child. MacGowan was born
on 25 December 1957 in Pembury, Kent, England, son of Irish

And now about the upcoming art book titled
The Eternal Buzz and The Crock of Gold.

Out: April 2022. Limited edition,
only 1000 copies.Order info here.

Content: From the man who brought forth such musical masterpieces as
Fairytale Of New York, Streams of Whiskey and A Pair of Brown Eyes, this
limited edition art folio book presents a complete psychedelic collection of
never-before-seen or published illustrations, drawings, lyrics, stories, snippets
and secretions from the pen of Shane, dating back to his childhood, and
journeying through six decades of punk and Irish revelry.

Shane: “I was always into drawing and painting, and I used to do
all sorts of things, hurlers, IRA men, teenage punks hanging around
in cafes, you name it. When I was about 11 or 12 I got heavily into
studying history of art and looking at old paintings and modern
paintings, I knew a lot about art. It’s one of the only O Levels
I got, was in art.

I like pastels but I don’t really think about it. I’ll paint or draw on anything,
with anything. I like more or less everyone from Fra Angelico and Giotto to
the latest, like Caravaggio was the last of the Renaissance, before it went
into Expressionism. I love Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet, Manet.

I love the Irish impressionists, Lavery, Jack B Yeats, Brendan Fitzpatrick.
The 20th-century impressionists who painted the period of Ireland fighting
for its freedom. I like Max Ernst, the surrealists, Dali, Chagall… God there’s
millions of them.”


MARK LANEGAN Wrote Memoir About His Near-Death Experience Due To Covid-19

14 November 2021

Washington born singer-songwriter MARK LANEGAN (Screaming Trees, QOTSA,
solo and countless collaborations) got infected with COVID-19 last March.

He went deaf, couldn’t walk for months, had cracked ribs, and had breathing
problems. He was hospitalized and slipt in and out coma for months.

He wrote a memoir about his life-threatening misfortunes
and the near-death experience he suffered.

The book, titled DEVIL IN A COMA comes out
on 14th December via White Rabbit Books.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Press statement: One morning in March 2021 with the second wave of infections
ripping through Ireland where he was newly resident, Mark Lanegan woke up breathless, fatigued beyond belief, his body burdened with a gigantic dose of Covid-19. Admitted to
Kerry Hospital and initially given little hope of survival, Lanegan’s illness has him slipping
in and out of a coma, unable to walk or function for several months and fearing for his life.

As his situation becomes more intolerable over the course of that bleakest of springs he
is assaulted by nightmares, visions and regrets about a life lived on the edge of chaos and disorder.

He is prompted to consider his predicament and how, in his sixth decade, his lifelong battle
with mortality has led to this final banal encounter with a disease that has undone millions, when he has apparently been cheating death for his whole existence. Written in vignettes of prose and poetry, DEVIL IN A COMA is a terrifying account of illness and the remorse that
comes with it by an artist and writer with singular vision.”

British Rock Anarchists FAT WHITE FAMILY Have TEN THOUSAND APOLOGIES For The Release Of A New Book

Must-read stuff

23 September 2021


Who: Gang of controversial and self-destructive anarchists from Sheffield/London that miraculously survived after 10 years of drugs and tons of other toxic situations in and
out of the band but they also managed to produce 3 longplayers and to be one of the most exciting/flabbergasting/frenzied bands that hit the stage this century, in my book.

Here’s an idea…


Authors: Adelle Stripe and Lias Saoudi, the Family’s charismatic frontman
(I wonder what Lias’ part will be in the book, as I doubt that he can remember
a lot about the past brain-damaging 10 years).

(Lias looking for inspiration for the book in Brussels (2016), photo by Turn Up The Volume)

White Rabbit says: “Co-written with lucidity and humour by singer Lias Saoudi
and acclaimed author Adelle Stripe, Ten Thousand Apologies is that rare thing: a music book
that barely features any music, a biography as literary as any novel, and a confessional
that does not seek forgiveness. This is the definitive account of Fat White Family’s disgraceful and radiant jihad – a depraved, romantic and furious gesture of refusal to a sanitised era.”

Out: February 2022 via White Rabbit Books
Pre-order info: via Rough Trade

(The Lou ‘heroin’ Reed days of musical maestro Saul Adamczewski
photo by Turn Up The Volume – France 2016)

Most recent FWF album
Serfs Up! (2019)

FWF: Facebook