KATE BUSH Released Her Spectacular Debut Single ‘WUTHERING HEIGHTS’ 45 Years Ago Today

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20 January 2023

45 years ago today, on 20th January 1978 art-pop queen KATE BUSH
released her spectacular debut single WUTHERING HEIGHTS. She wrote
it at the age of 18 and the gem made her an instant star.

The song featured on her first album The Kick Inside.

Wuthering Heights topped the UK Charts for 4 weeks and also
scored #1 in Australia, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and Portugal.

Pitchfork named it the 5th best song of the 70s,
a couple of years ago.

The original video.

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TANYA DONELLY And BELLY Released Their Biggest Hit Single ‘FEED THE TREE’ 30 Years Ago Today

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11 January 2023

Band: BELLY (Boston)
Led by the fabulous singer-songwriter Tanya Donelly
Active: 1991–1996, 2016–present / 3 studio LPs

B-sides: Trust In Me  and Dream On Me
Released: 11 January 1993 – 30 years ago today

Story: frontwoman Tanya Donelly said
that the song is a metaphor about commitment
and respect, with the tree being a place on a
large farm where a family would be buried.

Album: Star – the band’s debut LP.

Score: This single is Belly‘s most successful one.
It topped the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks
and peaked at #32 in the UK

Feed the video here.

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The Late Genius LOU REED Released Imperishable Classic ‘WALK ON THE WILD SIDE’ 50 Years Ago

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26 November 2022

The late genial singer-songwriter-rocker-performer LOU REED released
his imperishable signature classic WALK ON THE WILD SIDE (almost
370 million
streams on Spotify) than 50 years ago, on 24 November 1972.

It was released along with that other masterstroke Perfect Day (more than
1962 million streams on Spotify) as a double A-side single. Both songs were
taken from Reed’s Transformer LP produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson.

Laurie Anderson about ‘Walk On The Wild Side’:
“It has the best bass line ever to push a pop song.”

The song peaked at #10 in the UK and #16 in the USA but kept
on selling over the years as it was re-released a couple of times.

Take a walk once more, Lou.

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50 Years Ago HAWKWIND Released Classic Cracker ‘SILVER MACHINE’ – R.I.P. NIK TURNER

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18 November 2022

Who: British space rock legends feat. the
late metal punk icon Lemmy (Motörhead)
Active: 1969-present / 34 studio LPs
with this year’s LP Somnia as the
most recent one.

Co-founder Nik Turner passed
away a week ago, aged 82. R.I.P.

Released: 9 June 1972 – 50 years ago
Score: #3 in the UK, #6 in Germany,
#1 in Switserland

A solid gold masterstroke…

HAWKWIND: Bio – Discography

Classic Cracker – BUDDY HOLLY’s PEGGY SUE Is 65 Today

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20 September 2022

The late beloved BUDDY HOLLY who died in plane crash in 1959 (only 22)
released his best-known hit PEGGY SUE (almost 55 million streams on Spotify)
65 years ago today, on 20 September 1957.

It was written by his drummer Jerry Allison and Norman Petty
and originally titled Cindy Lou after Holly‘s niece. It was changed
to Peggy Sue, the name of Allison‘s girlfriend.

BUDDY HOLLY: Bio – Discography


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5 September 2022

Twenty-four years ago today, on 5 September 1998 – Welsh legends MANIC STREET PREACHERS nailed their first numero uno hit single in the UK with one of their most emotive masterstrokes. IF YOU TOLERATE THIS YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE NEXT (more than 60 million streams on Spotify) is a titanic anthem that takes your breath away every single second of its almost 5 magnificent minutes.

The song’s title came from a Republican propaganda poster during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), showing a captivating photograph of a young child killed by the Nationalists under a sky filled with bomber planes, with the warning “If you tolerate this, your children will be next” written below.

Sing it, Manics.

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ROD STEWART Topped The UK Singles Chart 50 Years Ago Today With ‘YOU WEAR IT WELL’

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2 September 2022

Born 77 years ago in Highgate, London, England
Active: Since 1961 / 31 solo LPs, with The Tears Of Hercules
as his most recent one, released in 2021.

Album: Never A Dull Moment

The single topped the UK Singles Chart
50 years ago today, on 2 September 1972.

Here’s his Top Of The Pops performance…

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