Still Goosebumps With JOY DIVISION And The Iconic Video For ‘ATMOSPHERE’

25 November 2022

Band: JOY DIVISION (1976-1980)
Released: 1980

The gripping pîece was originally released on 18 March 1980 by French
label Sordide Sentimental as a 7″ single, only available in France and named
Licht und Blindheit” (German for Light and Blindness). Only 1578 copies were

Frontman/lyricist IAN CURTIS – mentally and psychically suffering from epilepsy
and depression – committed suicide on 18 May 1980. Shortly after Atmosphere
came out as a 12″ single (artwork below) It was #1 on the UK Indie Chart.

Still goosebumps after all these years.
Here’s the iconic, Anton Corbijn directed video.

JOY DIVISION: Bio – Discography

EURYTHMICS – Brand New Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Stars Had SWEET DREAMS Back In 1983

For your eyes only

7 November 2022

Famous English pop-rockers Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart
Active: 1980–1990, 1999–2005, 2014-2019 / 8 albums

Year: 1983
Score: #1 in the US, #2 in the UK

Last Saturday the duo were inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame .

Check out their acceptance speech below.

EURYTHMICS: Website – Bio – Discography

For Your Eyes Only – BEASTIE BOYS In Tokio In 1998

4 November 2022

Band: BEASTIE BOYS (1978–2012)

Released: 1998
Score: #1 on UK dance charts
and #6 in the USA

About the clip: Late Bestie Boy Adam Yauch (1964-2012) directed it under
the pseudonym Nathanial Hörnblowér. The storyline revolves around a giant
robot causing destruction by fighting a giant octopus-headed creature in a city
while popping, a parody of, or tribute to, Japanese Kaiju films. Various scenes
are filmed in Tokyo, Japan. Throughout the video, the band wear bright uniforms
of Japanese street construction workers.

Go go go!

BEASTIE BOYS: Bio – Discography


Top singles from the past

28 September 2022

Who: American doo-wop group from Philadelphia that
scored several hits in their short career (1959-1962).

Bass player Allen Johnson was the voice who started the song with the legendary line “Bomp-Baba-Bomp-Ba-Bomp-Ba-Bomp-Bomp-Vedanga-Bang-Bang-Vadinga-Bong-Ding”. He died today in 1995 from cancer, only 55. Rest in peace.

It was a love ballad written by Connee Boswell
and by Al Bowllyal already in 1935
Score: No 1 in the US and the UK in 1961

Let’s roll


FRIDAY THE 13th – Turn Up The Volume’s Freak Classic!

Friday the 13th 2021

Well, it’s another Friday The 13th. A day to celebrate all psychos, freaks,
evil maniacs, lethal politicians, and black cats on this horror-ific planet.

Big fun in hell! Hallelujah!

My favorite scary sledgehammer to play until my brains explode and color
my PC screen with blood is this one by Chicago’s metallic nutcases Ministry

“Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil…
In my dang a ding a ding a ding dong
A sticky sticky son of a gun
Ding a danga danga dong dong ding dong.”

C’mon, you motherrocker

MINISTRY: Facebook