Picture This…

John Lennon‘s 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V limousine, with psychedelic
paintwork, was sold for a record sum of $3,006,385 this day in 1985, way
too much for my budget…

Picture This…

Promo poster for new documentary about a rock ‘n’ roll star named LIAM GALLAGHER

Liam talked about the docu with ‘Little White Lies’. Interview here

The Legendary Multifaceted New Orleans Nite Tripper DR. JOHN Passed Away At 77…

DR. JOHN (born: Malcolm John Rebennack Jr.), one of the most colorful, most eccentric, most flamboyant and most virtuoso singer/songwriters and amazing pianists in music
ever, passed away yesterday – on 6th June – after a fatal heart attack. The multifaceted
New Orleans phenomenon and voodoo inspired nite tripper was 77. Here are 3 glorious moments to remember this genuine legend…

(Live at the final concert of The Band in 1976)

(From his 2012 Locked Down album)

(Live version of one of his best moments / from his 1968 Gris Gris album)

DR. JOHN: Facebook –Biography – All Albums – Website

HISTORY – 7 April 1969

7 April 2019

On 7th April 1969, yes, a half century ago today LEONARD COHEN, the late, great Canadian singer/songwriter released his second LP, titled SONGS FROM A ROOM. American music weekly Rolling Stone wrote “Well, it looks like Leonard Cohen’s second
try won’t have them dancing in the streets either. It doesn’t take a great deal of listening
to realize that Cohen can’t sing, period. And yet, the record grows on you…”

This review says a lot about how the early Cohen records, before he became a bona fide icon, were perceived. Nobody really understood what this weird artist and his dark, lazy voice was about back then, although many understand this guy had something special.
The album reached #63 on the US Billboard Albums Chart and #2 on the UK charts.

Album in full…

LEONARD COHEN: Facebook – Website

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