Psych Prog-Rock Centipedes KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Release 3 New Albums In 3 Weeks

12 October 2022

I don’t know what these guys eat, drink, sniff or
swallow, but their production is off the charts.

Psychedelic prog-rock centipedes KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD
– 20 albums in 10 years – launch this month, not one, not two, but three
new LPs.

The first one is named Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava
and just released. Luminated Denim arrives next week and the 3rd one
in two weeks. So, they’ll have a total of 25 longplayers on their
shelves. Incredible.

The Aussies play 3-hour sets

(who invented this title?), that hit the Internet last Friday. It’s an out-and-out
KG a the LW record. From moody psych trippin’ to far-reaching, bluesy jammin’.

Stream/buy here…

KG&LW: Facebook – Spotify

New Album Of Old MARIANNE FAITHFULL Songs Lands In September

24 July 2022

Record label UMC announced in a press statement
details of a new MARIANNE FAITHFULL.

SONGS OF INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE 1965-1995 is the definitive overview
of the first 30 years of Marianne Faithfull’s recording career on the Decca and
Island labels. The 2 LP/2 CD formats land on 16th September.

This collection features all of Marianne’s notable singles, which are often represented in collectible 12” and 7” versions. Particularly rare is the original issue of her final Decca 7” ‘Something Better’ / ‘Sister Morphine’; subsequent releases used different masters, but
these original recordings have been unavailable since 1969.

Further unreleased tracks are live versions of ‘Brain Drain’ and ‘The Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ recorded during Marianne’s now legendary performance at St Anne’s in Brooklyn, highlights of which were released on the 1990 album Blazing Away. This collection also includes 2 previously unheard songs; a traditional blues ballad ‘I’m In Love Again’ cut during the Strange Weather sessions in 1987 and ‘The Calm Before the Storm’ written by Lou Reed and Rubén Blades which Marianne recorded for an abandoned studio album in 1989.

Marianne’s cover of Donovan’s song Sunny Goodge Street

The title Songs of Innocence and Experience acknowledges Marianne’s poetic influences with its reference to the work by William Blake, whilst also reflecting the change in style from the orchestral folk-pop and high pure voice of Marianne’s ‘60s career to her new wave punk influenced comeback at the end of the 70s with Broken English which featured her now trademark fractured vocals.

The front cover features a hand-drawn pencil image by Lithuanian artist Aistė Stancikaitė, commissioned exclusively for the project and the packaging also contains many rare and unseen images taken from the original album and single photo shoots.
The collection has been remastered from the original tapes by the Grammy-nominated compiler Andrew Batt, who also contributes sleeve notes.

MARIANNE FAITHFULL: Facebook – Instagram

JOHNNY MARR Launched His 4th Solo Album (A Double One) Today – Stream ‘FEVER DREAMS PTS 1-4’ Here

25 February 2022

Who: The former musical director
of indie icons The Smiths
Solo albums: 4 (including the new one)

New album: FEVER DREAMS PTS 1-4
A double one. More info here.
Release: 25 February 2022

Marr:“There’s a set of influences and a very broad sound that I’ve been
developing – really since getting out of The Smiths until now, and I hear
it in this record. There are so many strands of music in it. We didn’t do
that consciously, but I think I’ve got a vocabulary of sound. And I feel
very satisfied that I’ve been able to harness it.”

DIY Magazine: “His perfectly serviceable croon is not quite strong enough
to carry it across 16 long tracks. If only he’d given ‘Lightning People’’ to Liam
Gallagher, it might well have been the soundtrack of the summer. Moments
of greatness are plentiful, but ‘Fever Dreams…’ shines brightest when Marr lets
his guitar do the talking.”
Score: 3/5.

Turn Up The Volume: I love Marr‘s guitar virtuosity, I love his human view
of life and society, I love his coolness, I love his critical attitude vs his old Smiths
buddy and right-wing idiot Morrissey and I loved his live concerts I witnessed yet
I need to be honest and say what I said before about his solo work. He always
comes up with some killers, but also too many mediocre songs on his solo LPs.
I’ll make a compilation of all my favorites on his 4 longplayers. Good idea.

Ahead of the album’s launch, Marr shared 8 songs via 2 EPs…




Full album on Spotify


Soulful Sunday With ‘COVERS’ Album By CAT POWER

Tunes for the laziest day of the week

30 January 2022

Artist: CAT POWER (born Chan Marshall)
Who: American singer-songwriter
Active: Since 1992 – 10 studio albums

New album: COVERS
Release: 14 January 2022 – Order info here

Cat Power joins the long queue of artists recording and releasing
a covers album/EP/single. Since the coronavirus paralyzed normal
life, most of the musicians got a lot of free time and many of them
used it to interpret other artists’ songs.

These are Power‘s picks…

01 “Bad Religion” (Frank Ocean Cover)
02 “Unhate”
03 “Pa Pa Power” (Dead Man’s Bones Cover)
04 “A Pair of Brown Eyes” (The Pogues Cover)
05 “Against the Wind” (Bob Seger Cover)
06 “Endless Sea” (Iggy Pop Cover)
07 “These Days” (Jackson Browne Cover)
08 “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” (Kitty Wells Cover)
09 “I Had a Dream Joe” (Nick Cave Cover)
10 “Here Comes a Regular” (The Replacements Cover)
11 “I’ll Be Seeing You” (Billie Holiday Cover)

Stream COVERS here…

CAT POWER: Website

Former Mark E Smith Wife BRIX SMITH And MARTIN WILLSON-PIPER Are Lost In Angeles

5 January 2022


Who: Brix is the former American wife of the late
Manchester legend Mark E Smith. She also played
with his band The Fall. Willson-Piper is a Portuguese
songwriter and notable guitarist.

Album: Collaborative longplayer LOST ANGELES.
calls it her lost album. She wrote the songs
in the early 90s, but it was never released before.

Louder Than War says: “Lost Angeles really showcases Brix Smith’s magnificent
songwriting talent and her penchant for strong melodies and harmonic vocals. In
this respect you will be hard pushed to find anything better this side of The Beach
Boys. The delay in its release has certainly not lost any of the albums relevance
in the present-day world and will stand the test of time as one of Brix Smith’s
finest recordings. It is certainly one of the most enjoyable albums I have heard
in a very long time.”

Turn Up The Volume: Lost Angeles sounds like guitar pop
dreamers Belly fronted by Tanya Donelly. Same swagger,
same sparkiness, same vocal Donelly timbre, same moodiness.

Stream full LP…

BRIX SMITH: Facebook

Coming In 2022 – 14th KORN Album

21 December 2021

Band: KORN
Who: Nu metal titans from
Bakersfield, California
Active: 1993–present
Albums: 14 (including new one)

New album: REQUIEM
Release date: 4 February 2022
Order info: here

Press statement: “It is an album born of time and the ability to create
without pressure. Energized by a new creative process free of time constraints,
the band was able to do things with Requiem that the past two decades haven’t
always afforded them, such as taking additional time to experiment together or
diligently recording to analog tape – processes which unearthed newfound sonic
dimension and texture in their music.”

Lead single: Start The Healing

KORN: All AlbumsFacebook

Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of JOHN PRINE Vol. 2

18 December 2021

In April last year legendary country/folk singer-songwriter
JOHN PRINE passed away, aged 73, due to that devastating

Back in 2010 a tribute album, titled Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows:
Songs of John Prine
celebrated Prine‘s influential career.

A follow-up, Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine, Vol. 2
with big-name artistst such as Jason Isbell, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Valerie
among others is out now. Info and order facilities here.

I Remember Everything covered here by Brandi Carlile is the last song
ever recorded by Prine and won the 2021 Grammy award for Best American
Roots Song & Best American Roots Performance.

Pitchfork about the tribute: “A second installment of John Prine covers includes
some of the legendary songwriter’s best-known material, illustrating how his legacy,
and the definition of Americana—has shifted since 2010.

Stream album here…

JOHN PRINE: History – Discography

(photo: cover of ‘Pink Cadillac’ LP)


21 November 2021


Release: 10 December 2021
Order info: here

On 15 May of this year, the imperishable Modfather PAUL WELLER
played a praised performance along with the BBC Symphony Orchestra
and award-winning arranger Jules Buckley. The concert was recorded and
that live registration comes out 10 December.

Taster: English Rose (a track from The Jam‘s
masterpiece LP All Mod Cons)


English Rose
My Ever Changing Moods
On Sunset
Glad Times
Broken Stones (Feat. James Morrison)
It´s A Very Deep Sea
You´re The Best Thing (Feat. Boy George)
Still Glides The Stream
Movin On
Wild Wood (Feat. Celeste)
You Do Something To Me
White Horses


New RICHARD ASHCROFT Album – 12 Bittersweet Lockdown Symphonies For Your Candlelight Dinners

31 October 2021

Like many other artists during lockdown, the question for Richard Ashcroft was also “What I am gonna do with all this free time between four walls?” Most of them started to cover others (that trend never seems to stop), some continued making new music and some were counting their money and/or annoyed their families.

Ashcroft decided to re-dress 12 of his most famous songs (The Verve/solo) and released Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1 this weekend. Acoustic? No, not really. Besides an acoustic guitar,
I hear piano, strings, synths, horns, and layers of harmonies. This album is actually about killing time by turning the selected tunes into bittersweet lockdown symphonies with smooth, elegant, and soothing arrangements.

I’m an Ashcroft fan, but I’ll go back to
the originals for my candlelight dinners.

album via Spotify…