The Last Track Of Summer Live – Never Mind The SEX PISTOLS Bollocks…

31 August 2020

For most people the last day of August is also the last day of summer, the last day of holidays. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Turn Up The Volume starts his holidays in the sun today at the hot French Riviera. Yeeeahhh! Much sun, much drinks, much delicious food. Prepare yourselves for the last summer live track of 2020.

C’mon you Rotten American…


French holidays in the sun for Turn Up The Volume!

One Festival Track A Day Turns Summer Into Holiday – THE CURE With ‘A FOREST’ At Pinkpop Festival 2019

27 August 2020

Gothic icons THE CURE released signature single A FOREST, 40 years ago, on 8 April 1980. It was part of their second album  Seventeen Seconds. The band’s first single that hit the UK Singles Chart, reaching #31. Here’s an exquisite live rendition from their appearance at Pinkpop Festival in The Netherlands last year…

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