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2 October 2020

Last year WHERE WE SLEEP, the solo project of British artist BETH RETTIG
made a captivating impression with touching debut EP Experiments In The Dark.

And today she dropped a new haunting meditation on Bandcamp.

If you were looking for a song that reflects these surreal science-fiction-like times,
then THE END OF THE WORLD is the one that fits 2020 perfectly. It’s a slow-burning electro-scape, both ominous and menacing although Rettig‘s shadowy voice resonates
as she wants to comfort the person(s) – close one(s) – who’s/are angry and scared.

Before you’re aware of it the enigmatic reverie vanishes in the silence, like a ghost.

Buy/stream this nightdream on Bandcamp


(photo via artist)

Turbo Tandem DEAP VALLY Hits Bullseye With New Sonic Smack ‘GET GONE’…

11 June 2018


Wow! It’s almost two years since L.A.’s burning turbo DEAP VALLY released their second album Femejism. A blazing powerhouse, yet more varied than pure explosive dynamite debut Sistrionix. But, after a most surprising and appealing acoustic intermezzo, the cracking tandem of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, now returns with a totally fresh smack. On GET GONE the ladies roar, roll, rumble and rattle like never before. There’s definitely a new whirling sonic edge. Like if the turbulent ladies mixed some sultry surf sequences with a dose of nasty The Cramps psychobilly, and injected the rowdy result with wicked garage energy and boiling blues rawness to pump it all up into a demonic uppercut that hits all
of your senses, directly. This clamorous crackerjack sounds ace. Hundred seconds of blistering hullabaloo. A tremendous bang-up. Press the button and check out the heat
for yourself right here, right now…

DEAP VALLY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(pic on top: FB Deap Vally)

Bristol’s Furious Punks IDLES Drop New Jump Around Slam ‘DANNY NEDELKO’…

Bristol’s punk turbo IDLES will release the follow-up to their stupendous wall-breaking debut ‘Brutalism‘ with new longplayer, entitled ‘JOY AS AN ACT OF RESISTANCE’ later in the year. And today they dropped brand new single ‘DANNY NEDELKO‘ as the first taster.
A scream along and jump around uppercut with a manic chorus made to start moshpits around the fucking globe. Hell Yeeahhhhhhhhhhh! Go bananas to the boiling firecracker right here…

IDLES: Website – Facebook – All Tour Dates

Artwork new album JOY AS AN ACT OF RESISTANCE – out 31 August

KRISTIN HERSH Reveals New Turbulent Track ‘LAX’ From Upcoming Solo Album…

On 5 October KRISTIN HERSH, fab singer/songwriter and ex-frontwoman of guitar
pop legends Throwing Muses will release her new solo album Possible Dust Clouds
Ahead of it she just launched a first track, titled LAX. Wow! It seems like Hersh has
no intention to slow down. Here’s an electrifying groove that will grab your ears’
attention instantly. Burning swagger, flamboyant flow and feverish duet-harmonies.
A most vibrant score! Double wow! Absorb the turbulent firecracker right here…

KRISTIN HERSH: Website – Facebook – Twitter


JOHNNY MARR Launches First Sunlit Single From New Upcoming Album – Here’s… ‘HI HELLO’

11 May 2018

JOHNNY MARR just released the first single off his third solo album, out next month.

HI HELLO is a dreamy pop song with a sunlit jingle jangle timbre and some harmonious The Byrds echoes. Affecting, enthralling and sticky. Here’s the clip directed by Marr himself and collaborator Mat Bancroft. It was filmed in a park on a cozy Spring day. Capture the luminous feel right here…

JOHNNY MARR: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

New album CALL THE COMET out 15 June – All info & pre-order facilities right here

BELLY Shares Another Alluring Track From Upcoming Album – Here’s Electrifying ‘STARS ALIGN’ Stroke…

29 March 2018

After sharing Shiny One, the groovy first single of upcoming comeback album last February, 90s delightful guitar pop quartet BELLY, led by mesmerizing vox Tanya Donelly, just dropped another new vibrant track. STARS ALIGN is an electrical humdinger that sticks instantly. Energizing, arousing and starry-eyed and when Donnelly reassures us
that ‘It’s all gonna be alright‘ you’ll see better times popping up on the horizon. Here’s
the audio clip…

New album DOVE out 4 May 2018 – all info right here

BELLY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Up And Coming Five-Piece VIOLET Scores Anthemic Shoegaze Cracker With New Arresting Single ‘JADED’…

23 March 2018

VIOLET is a young, exciting squad out of England‘s Midlands. The 5-piece debuted last year with impressive striking track ‘Feel‘. And with today’s brand new single JADED they are knocking loudly on that big gate of fame. Singer/guitarist Luke Brickett Haycock said in a press statement that the song’ “was written in a trance-like state where it all just kind of blossomed from out of nowhere one night. It’s about that feeling when something, whatever
it is, gets ingrained and stuck in your head but you just want it gone and it doesn’t leave…”

JADED has all sonic ingredients of an epic masterstroke. It’s a tower of a captivating symphony. Tremendous shoegaze guitars build a wall-of-mind-boggling-sound and
elevate your subconsciousness to an ecstatic level of pure phantasy from the very start. And soon after frontman Haycock‘s impassioned voice kicks in you’re floating towards the very heart of the song: a stupendous, anthemic chorus that sticks instantly. Wow! Double Wow! Very big step for this highly talented team. Turn it up, folks, right here, right now…

VIOLET: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

JADED out today – available on iTunes

ICEAGE – New Track ‘TAKE IT ALL’ From Upcoming Album Moves Like A Nasty Serpent…

22 March 2018

New album ‘Beyondless‘ by Danish noiseniks ICEAGE will be out early May. And today the band just shared another special taster off that upcoming LP. TAKE IT ALL is a pitch-black slow-moving groove growing more threatening with every second like a scary nightmare doing your poor head in. A military-like drum beat starts the obscure trip and goes on like forever while scintillating guitars and a glimmering violin paint shadowy clouds and on top of it all there’s frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt‘s haunting vox dominating intensely this mind-blowing orchestration like a psychotic soul looking for redemption. Wow! A truly breathtaking experience. Here’s the audio clip…

ICEAGE: Website – Facebook – Instagram

New album BEYONDLESS out 4th May via Matador Records.

(photo on top: TUTV!)

COURTNEY BARNETT With Face-Changing Clip In Space For Brand New Track ‘NEED A LITTLE TIME’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


After ‘Nameless, Faceless’ utterly cool singer/songwriter/storyteller/feminist COURTNEY BARNETT just shared the 2nd new track from her forthcoming album, titled ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel‘. New track ‘NEED A LITTLE TIME’ starts with a classic mid-tempo Barnett blues swagger song heading its way, slowly but surely, towards a stunning, electrical guitar finale! Ace score! The accompanying will transfer you right into space…

COURTNEY BARNETT: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New LP TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL Out 18 May – all info & pre-order facilities here.

MADONNATRON’s Voodoo Priestesses Return With Brand New Burning Groove… ‘MERMAIDS’

13 March 2018

After releasing their remarkable self-titled debut LP last year, London’s MADONNATRON returns with brand new, steamy single MERMAIDS. A scalding, mid-tempo groove that grows nastier with every second and turning into a trance-like fervency in the end. This is
a bang-up knockout. A red-hot torch that burns slowly but surely. The voodoo priestesses
of 21st Century’s post-punk-rock are back! With a Big Bang! With a Searing Smack! With a cracker about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Feel the heat right here, right now…

MADONNATRON: Debut LP here on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

MERMAIDS along with B-side ‘Ich Liebe Dich’ out 11 May. Pre-order facilities right here