HAVVK – Irish Darkwave Duo Launch EYE-Catching Video Clip For Their New Nightmare Single ‘DAYLIGHT ROBBERY’

For your eyes

15 June 2023

Last month, Irish darkwave pop-rock act HAVVK released
their new stunning single DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.

A song about the safe spaces we create for ourselves, and the
exhaustion of feeling scrutinised outside of these boundaries.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “A lot of angst and frustration erupt from the
very first moment that this raging burst attacks your stereo. Daylight Robbery‘s
sizzling post-punk exorcism grabs you by the throat from the get-go and never
loses its grip and its thundering velocity. Add Hough‘s bone-chilling vocals, and
you’ll experience a mind-crushing nightmare in broad daylight.”

HAVVK has now launched a brand-new video to visualize the song.

The clip explores themes of expectation and infringement of safety,
particularly for women and gender non-conforming people. It was directed
by Havvk‘s singer/musician Julie Hough and shot by Tim Shearwood entirely
in black and white.

Hough: “It’s about a girl who’s living the same day (or nightmare) over and over again.
We’ve been writing a lot about the topic of sleep lately – or lack thereof! I’ve had some
fun run-ins with insomnia and sleep anxiety in the last few years and it’s made me think
a lot about how our waking lives impact our subconscious and our connection to
our bodies.”

Talking about an EYE-catching video clip.

Roll the tape.
Get afraid.

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