Ambient Trio ‘GmBt Life’ Share Obscure Clip For Cranked-Up Blowup ‘TRUSTED’ Off Their New Album

For your eyes

10 July 2022

Band: GmBt Life

Who: France-based trio from different countries, who live in diverse regions, and who routinely meet to play music. They like to begin with bare melodies and then improvise with various instruments and PCs.

They released a new, excellent, longplayer called 10 Minutes last April, with a mix
of tranquilizing piano-driven musings, cinematic reveries with spacey Pink Floyd-like reverberating here and there, and tender, ambient synth meditations.

For the only cranked-up piece on the album, named TRUSTED – 125 seconds of blistering mania with a crackling bass upsurge and a paranoid guitar attack, GmBt Life just shared an obscure and puzzling video clip. Weird stuff.

They have to be trusted
By the people
That they lie to