20 Knockouts From 1977 – The Year Punk Broke

Back in time

28 May 2023

And it did break big time (but let’s not forget Bowie‘s two ace albums Low and
Beauty And The Beast released that game-changing year). Legendary British music
weekly Sounds called it the year of the single. Yes, with punk it was all about the
return of the dead-cool 7″ vinyl.

Middle-finger commotion, not only in NYC but also with safety-pins fireworks in London. This documentary (hereunder) is pretty spicy featuring a spiky-hair cast of young famous (and less famous) rebels.

Turn Up The Volume‘s
selection of 20 from 1977.
God save lust for life.


THE CURE – ASH – ELBOW – LPs Turning 25 – 25 – 20

Back in time…

Released: 7 May 1996 – 25 years ago

Trouser Press said: “A potent and sweeping dissertation on
melancholy and tentative dreams denied. Consistently compelling.”

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THE CURE: Facebook

Band: ASH (UK)
Album: 1977 – debut LP
Released: 6 May 1996 – 25 years ago

BBC Music
wrote: “To listeners of a certain vintage, Ash will
forever be summer holidays and half-inched hooch, stained
into the grey like a spilled alcopop.”

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ASH: Facebook

Album: ASLEEP IN THE BACK – debut LP
Released: 7 May 2001 – 20 years ago

AllMusic: “Elbow fiddles with a battery of widescreen dynamics
and slight prog-rock tendencies, delivering an epic debut of
Manchester miserablism.”

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ELBOW: Facebook