Belgian Heroes dEUS Share Moody Reverie ‘1989’ From First Album In 10 Years

New striking strokes

24 January 2023

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Belgian heroes dEUS – the best Belgian band ever, on record and on stage – rock
their tails off since 1991 and drop their 8th longplayer baptized HOW TO REPLACE IT
on 17th February 2023. Their first in 10 years. Pre-order info here.

Last November our ears got active for the first single, titled
Must Have Been New. A bluesy mid-tempo power-pop ballad.

Today second taster, named 1989 went online. An even softier piece.
Seems like singer-songwriter Tom Barman has a melancholic phase.

Lit a candle.

TOUR 2023

dEUS: Linktree

TURN UP THE VOLUME Listened Back To The Year Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall – 25 Ace Tracks From 1989

Back in time…

9 November 1989: A historic date. A historic moment. A historic milestone.
The ugly wall that physically, politically, and ideologically divided Berlin from
1961 to 1989 came down. Germany unified again. Capitalism and communism
made peace. Thousands and thousands followed this historic agreement by
destroying and hammering the wall down. Free at last!

And the 1989 music? Great stuff by the likes of The B-52’s, New Order,
Pixies, Lou Reed, Wedding Present, Public Enemy
, Beastie Boys and more.

Turn Up The Volume’s selection of
25 ace tracks of 1989

ROLLING STONE‘s best single of 1989 – Fight The Power by Public Enemy

NME‘s best single of 1989 – She Bangs The Drums by Stone Roses