Bristol’s Young Wolves DAMEFRISØR Join The Ongoing Rebirth Of British Post-Punk – Hear New Single ‘D.O.D.’ Here

Daily elecyricity to load your batteries

Who: Up-and-coming post punk outfit from Bristol, UK

New single: D.O.D.
The 20d piece, following robotic cut 2-HEH-V.

Kazhi Jahfar (vocalist). “D.O.D. is about feeling invisible- The song talks about the feeling of going through something but feeling as though no one is aware of your existence. Loneliness in cities is a recurring theme across the record, musically I feel like the song explores the intensity of trying to be seen with all efforts amounting to nothing. Lyrically it’s a sort of internal monologue reacting to the stressful atmosphere created by that feeling.”

TUTV: Another attention-grabbing group of hungry young wolves that joins the ongoing rebirth of British post-punk with mavericks such as The Murder Capital, Black Country New Road, Ditz, shame, Black Midi, Just Mustard, caroline and LIFE.

Sure, they all share some similar characteristics, but each of them operate and create in
their own space of sound and vision, with Damefrisør echoing the early dark-colored days of Editors, the shadowy moments of Maximo Park and the electrifying guitar lines of NYC’s heroes Interpol here on their new track. Intriguing, right? You betcha. Bring on the EP.

Focus first on striking stunner D.O.D

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