S O R O R – Brussels’ Indies Are Back With New Funky Footstomper ‘COPY OF YOU’

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6 February 2023

Band: S O R O R

Who: Avid Brussels 4-piece, featuring 2 female vocalists, claiming
to produce “indie bathroom rock and atmospheric confessions”. A band
with a great sense of humor and some intriguing musical directions

New single: COPY OF YOU
From their new upcoming album.
Details to follow.

© Olivier Donnet

TUTV: This funky mid-tempo footstomper sticks right away with
its poignant vocals, its gloriously trippy guitar riff, and its bursting
chorus. You can really feel this stunner’s growing annoyance, sneaking
anxiously towards a rowdy climax. A solid slam dunk.

And the accompanying video is utterly cool.
Black and white, dark shades, and a let’s
rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Sexy!

Get your copy here.

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