Amazing Artwork! RUSH Album 45 Years Ago

For your eyes only

1 February 2022

Band: RUSH
Who: Legendary Canadian prog-rockers
Active: 1968–2018 / 19 LPs

Artwork: Cover of the band’s 4th LP called A Farewell To Kings.
Released 45 years ago this year (3 September).

Longtime Rush collaborator Hugh Syme composed the artwork.
The vivid cover features a puppet-looking king slumped on a throne
in front of a demolished building, contrasted with the Toronto skyline
in the background.

Syme said: “I found a building that was in a state of ruin in Buffalo (New York).
I lived in the Niagara region and went into the U.S. a lot. I saw this beautiful,
dilapidated building and thought, ‘Well, we’ll have access to that.’ We crossed
the border with Josh Onderison, the guitar player from my band, the Ian Thomas
Band, which was on the same label as Rush and Max Webster. Our guitarist was
of a skeletal stature — perfect for the puppet.”
(Ultimate Classic Rock).

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