TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 20 Best Tracks – APRIL 2023

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1. Beefcake Doctrine by CHUM (London, UK)

Chum are a pretty kooky combo that got my ears trembling with joy with their
grooves-filled debut LP a few weeks ago. Its lead single Beefake Doctrine is a
manic mind-twister with its trancy beats creating a mesmeric and puzzling
razzmatazz you can’t and you won’t run from.



(Press photo © Bridie Florence)

Who? Three don’t mess with us punk feminists from Brighton
with glam and utterly cool duo Phoebe and Lily in the middle.

They’re fiery Riot grrls wearing their feminist hearts on their sleeves.
Expect primal screams and unbridled in-your-face punk turmoil.

All male machos better hide ’cause this clamorous
uppercut will kick their asses painfully.

Hell yeah.


3. ‘1.18’ by OPUS KINK (London)

(Photo by Turn Up the Volume)

With 1:18 these post-punk-rock misfits dropped a neurotic caterwaul that goes forth and back with burning pzazz. Monomaniacal vocalist Angus Rogers gets worked up to an almost hysterical level and sounds like a tormented and obsessed soul and the band’s horn duo blow their lungs out with nerve-racking urgency. Blimey!


4. ‘My Illusion’ by ELECTRIC CIRCUS (Newcastle, UK)

My Illusion is a head-banging and riff-crushing jackhammer that makes
your fists pump in the air, makes your legs shake, and triggers you to check out
your vocal cords’ potential. Ignore your illusions, just get real and get out to party.

For those about to rock Electric Circus salute you.


5. ‘Dead And Over‘ by DOWN THE LEES (Canada)

DTL’s mastermind LL Schultz‘s expresses her frustration and stressful state of mind
caused by those two claustrophobic pandemic years with this high-strung cry out. Its ominous mid-tempo progression, its swelling intensity advancing over an ongoing
hypnotic guitar riff and her sky-scraping send shivers down your spine.

Lockdown threw Schultz to the mat, but it couldn’t
knock her out and she’s back stronger than ever.

Alive and kicking!


6. ‘The Snitching Hour’ by DEADLETTER (London)

(Promo photo)

London‘s up-and-coming young dogs DEADLETTER rattle on repeat
on this rad ripper spiced with relentless vocality, a sensuous saxophone,
a pumping bass and a sickly sticky chorus. 5-star punk funk.

Tune in.


7. ‘Sub’ by DEEPER (Chicago)

With Sub these Chicago dudes sound like a cross between legends Gang Of Four and Parquet Courts. It’s a riff motherrocker making your head spin uncontrollably. On top of it comes the singer’s highly tense vocal performance. Don’t miss this holy smoke cracker.


8. ‘Complain!’ by HYPOTHETICS (Bristol)

Photo credit: Holly Whittaker

These noisy indies from Bristol, UK Post-punk at its sharp-cutting best. Neurotic guitars and frenetic drums alternated with freaked-out vocals, rhythm changes that drive you nuts, an instrumental Devo-esque intermezzo and a mind-boggling climax. I have nothing whatsoever to complain about.



9. ‘Your Death Is My Glory’ by CAMLANN

Who? A socially caring dark disco duo featuring
Ony Godfrey and Fauzan Pratama from Indonesia.

Your Death Is My Glory is about political hypocrisy
that suppresses the common people for their own

It’s a steamed-up disco corker. A catchy-as-hell boomer that
accelerates your bloodstream. An irresistible tune to jump up
and down to like mad while giving the middle finger to all
power-greedy politicians.

The video is a DIY rapid-eye-movement tour de force.


10. ‘All Of A Sudden’ by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS (Manchester, UK)

All Of A Sudden is a B-side that easily could be an A-side. It features on the 12″ of
the previous single No Reason It’s a rotating beats-banger to start and end all
(il)legal raves with. It’ll make your adrenalin production go through the roof.

Dance, dance, dance.


11. ‘Cars’ by LUNAR TWIN (US)

Lunar Twin‘s new full-length opus Aurora is an ideal
companion to relax with when the twilight sets.

One of the highlights and my favorite track Cars is a trippy dreamwave
with tingling guitars, scintillating synths, and near-whispering voice
combining for a top-notch vibration.

12. ‘Juicy Lips ‘ by FIESTA ALBA (Rome, Italy)

This masked Italian dance act describe themselves as “losers on a planet
where nobody really wins. He who has nothing to lose cannot lose anything.”

They recently released a must-hear 5-track EP with Juicy Lips as one of the 5 highlights.
A capricious crackerjack for nightclubs where misfits, dropouts, eccentrics and other related outsiders have a ball. Wicked music for wicked people by wicked madcaps.

Feel the beat.

13. ‘High Life’ by BLOC PARTY (UK)

Last year British post-punk combo BLOC PARTY returned with
their sixth longplayer Alpha Games, their first in six years.

They returned now with new track High Life.
A guitar-funky discotheque upper.



Last year Brooklyn’s notorious noiseniks A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS,
fronted by mastermind Oliver Ackermann unleashed their manic-maddening
album See Through You, their 6th one.

They decided to invite an impressive cast of musical friends to remix songs
from that album. The collection is named See Trough You: Rerealized. You
can buy it here. The digital version will be available from June 2.

Andy Bell of legendary shoegaze band Ride operating under the moniker
of GLOK is one of the remixes. He picked the psych-mind-bending piece
I’m Hurt and turned it into an ambient techno stunner with Kraut-rock-like
synth rhythms and chainsaw guitar fragments. Score!

Move and Groove.


15. ‘Gallows’ by VAZUM (Detroit)

Deathgaze duo Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm launched
their 5th album, titled V- a couple of weeks ago.

It’s a greatest hits album consisting of
re-recorded songs from 2020-2022.

One of TUTV’s fav cuts is Gallows resonating like a slowed-down
Siouxsie and The Banshees musing. Enigmatic and haunting.



16. ‘Nine Times Nine’ by THE CRYSTAL TEARDROP (UK)

Who? A British quartet inspired by a mutual passion for the sights,
sounds and creative experimentation of the mid to late 1960s with
its unique blend of garage rock, psychedelia and acid folk.

A 60s colored psych-pop gem that could be written by Californian legends
The Mamas & Papas
. Layered vocals, jangly guitars (playing backward at
one point. Remember The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows song?), and an
infectious chorus. Play it 81 times.


17. ‘What I Lost’ by COWBOY JUNKIES (Canada)

The twang country veterans Tornyo announced
the upcoming release of their 16th LP, baptized
Such Ferocious Beauty

First single WHAT I LOST is a bittersweet sparkler of a song.
Sorrowful and heavy-hearted with Margo Timmins‘s mourning
voice as entrancing as ever.



18. A Child’s Question, August’ by PJ HARVEY (UK)

Artwork new album

PJ messaged via her socials her 10th album,
baptized I Inside The Old Year Dying. It lands
on 7 July.

First single A Child’s Question, August sounds like
a stripped track from her ‘Let England Shake‘ LP.

Ominous, somber but also quite magnetic.


19. ‘Scotch’ by TIRED KID (Canada)

Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick

“A song inspired by my walks to coffee shops, my friends,
the band TOPS, and the scotch I like to drink!”

Easy-going tunes you can hum and whistle like this one are always welcome on my headphones after having too much noizz buzzing in my ears. Scotch is a laid-back, jaunty, and happy-go-lucky melody enriched with sunlit guitar play. Perfect for a walk in the city on a lazy Spring day. Kelly‘s mellow voice sounds like it was meant to sing devil-may-care songs like this one. Canadacana at its strolling best. Bottoms up!



20. ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven GmBt LIFE (France)

To celebrate the first anniversary of their debut album
10 Minutes GmbtLife decided to cover a Pixies classic.

They picked one of their best-known songs, Monkey Gone To Heaven from 1989. Their take is pretty special and surprising. They decelerated it and added subtle piano play, distorted guitars, and low-pitched vocals.

Louder Than War – A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Woke Up The Death In Belgium

Wilde Westen Club Kortrijk, Belgium
11 February 2023

Album artwork – new LP ‘SEE TROUGH YOU’

Last year when Brooklyn’s notorious noiseniks A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS
unleashed their 6th album See Trough You, Turn Up The Volume wrote: “What
does it sound like? Remember Ozzy Osbourne telling his mates about movies that
scare people and his idea of making music that scares people. That’s exactly what
A Place To Bury Strangers do. Their gloom and doom force is intimidating.”


Last Saturday, when they hit Belgium with scary big bangs and my head was rotating
in several directions I remembered that quote and the thought came up that APTBS
would kick Black Sabbath‘s asses any day of the week, easily. Fact!

Dragged In A Hole – a stunning show highlight

Only one song in and mastermind-guitarist-vocalist Oliver Ackermann had molested
his guitar and needed another one to continue the thunder and stroboscope lighting spectacle. His 6-string chainsaw and his demonic howling accentuate the exorcistic
My Bloody Valentine
feel of this extravagant hallucinatory ceremony. Insanity in motion.

An APTBS show is a physical and psychological experience. Physical, because
your body really feels the gargantuan noise going through you and psychological
because your mind gets clobbered, messed up, turned upside down and inside out,
when confronted with such an exceptional event as this.

And the moment I thought I got lost in psych space, the trio moved into the center
of the club and continued shoulder-to-shoulder with the crowd for about an earthshaking quarter. A glorious intimate happening while they kept on bashing and trashing in the free world.

A mean hammering machine

A special word for new drummer Sandra Fedowitz. She’s a non-stop, mean hammering machine. Her gusto, her grinta, her fervency are just off the charts. Along with the also relatively new bassist John Fedowitz she keeps the band’s hyperkinetic heart beating in overdrive for the full 60 minutes. Ecstatic pandemonium with tons of illegal decibels.

A drummer and a freak

The finale truly was hair-rising and breathtaking with Sandra up front, battering her drum while she send shivers down our spines with her primal screams having a louder-than-war contest with Ackerman‘s apocalyptic guitar terror. A Place To Bury Strangers have supernatural NOIZZZ powers to wake up the dead. Hallelujah!

Yes, louder-than-war, is what APTBS is about. I’m sure if these Brooklyn sonic chaos addicts would play the Kremlin for only 10 minutes they would blow Putin‘s fucking brains out. That would be their biggest war triumph ever.

Here’s a LOUD and CLEAR idea of APTBS’s life


1. Disgust
2. We’ve Come So Far
3. You Are the One
4. Dragged in a Hole
5. Ringing Bells
6. Freaks Unite
7. End of the Night
8. Hold On Tight
9. I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart
10. Have You Ever Been in Love


Not done yet.

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: Facebook – Instagram

(All live pics by Turn Up The Volume)

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Will Wake Up The Death In UK/Europe

27 January 2023

Last year New York’s mean cacophony machine
released one of
the most schizo NOIZZ albums of the year with
See Through You
their 6th LP.

They started touring the record already last year
and are going to wake up the death in Europe/UK.



See you in Kortrijk, Belgium – 11 February – guys.

APTBS: Facebook – Website

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS – Celebrate Halloween With Remastered And Extended Edition Of ‘EXPLODNG HEAD’

New striking strokes

6 October 2022

Who: Infamous psych-noiseniks from Brooklyn, NY
led by founder/mastermind Oliver Ackermann
Active: Since 2003 / 6 LPs so far, with this year’s
ace See Trough You LP as the most recent one.

The band launch an extended and remastered edition of
their 2009 album EXPLODING HEAD on 21 October.
Just in time to prepare for Halloween.

Pre-order info here.

To get in the right zombie mood you can irritate
your neighbors with previously unreleased haymaker

Oliver Ackerman (frontman): “This song was the new direction for the band, recorded right after ‘Exploding Head’. The times were changing and there was the possibility for anything. I wanted the band to be laser-focused on breaking down the preconceived ideas of this new wave of punk music that was coming out. I wanted the new direction to be more powerful and intense than ever before and this was definitely augmented by Allen Blickle from Baroness’ drums on this track.”

Take your stereo under your arm, go to your
local graveyard and wake up the dead.


A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: Facebook – Instagram

New York’s Mean Doomsday Machine A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Can ‘SEE THROUGH YOU’

15 March 2022

Who: Infamous psych-noiseniks from Brooklyn, NY
led by founder/mastermind Oliver Ackermann
Active: Since 2003 / 6 LPs (new one included)

Out: 4th February via Dedstrange Records

“Outpacing even their own firmly blazed path of audio annihilation, this album repeatedly delivers the massive walls of chaos and noise that every A Place To Bury Strangers fan craves
in spades. See Through You is an explosive journey which explores the listener’s limits of mind-bending madness while simultaneously offering the catchiest batch of songs in the band’s discography. It’s a nod of the cap to the art school ethos of the band’s origins, while forging
a new and clear direction forward. Simply put, See Through You is an epic, instant classic.”

(credit: APTBS)

Turn Up The Volume: I love these motherfuckers. They kick bad-asses, they rage and roll, they trash and bash whether they go slo-mo, or on speed without brakes, or somewhere in the middle. What does it sound like? Remember Ozzy Osbourne telling his mates about movies that scare people and his idea of making music that scares people. That’s exactly what A Place To Bury Strangers do, and their creepy videos visualize their Doomsday vision
even more.

Ackerman’s graveyard voice leads the deafening troops backed by paranoid guitars, scorching synths and merciless drum attacks. Psych-noise-rock turned upside down. Lovely, right? You bloody betcha.

Singles/clips: My Head Is Bleeding / Let’s See Through You / I Disappear / Love Reaches Out





Buy/stream the album here…

Hello Europe

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: Facebook – Instagram

New Albums – A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Next Month With 6th Longplayer ‘SEE THROUGH YOU’

22 January 2022

Who: Infamous psych-noiseniks from Brooklyn, NY
led by founder/mastermind Oliver Ackermann
Active: Since 2003 / 6 LPs (new one included)

Out: 4th February via Dedstrange Records

Info (via Rough Trade): “A Place to Bury Strangers defund post-punk orthodoxy with the most audacious and varied songwriting of their career on their sixth album, See Through You, out on Oliver Ackermann’s label, Dedstrange. Following up on 2021’s highly acclaimed Hologram EP delivers an overclocked set of futuristic electronic punk music encoded with punishing industrial rhythms, swirling voltage-starved guitars and unclassifiable auditory annihilation. Across thirteen tracks recorded in seclusion throughout the nihilistic absurdity of the coronavirus pandemic, See Through You is proof-positive that the group hailed as “The Loudest Band in New York” is still finding new ways to push the needle deeper in the red.”

New single: I’M HURT – 3rd shared piece of the LP

Enjoy some lockdown paranoia…

Check all 3 shared singles on Bandcamp


Hello Europe…


Have A Messed-Up Xmas Diner With A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS

Daily electricity to load your batteries

(Photo by Ebru Yildiz)

9 December 2021

Who: Infamous psych-noiseniks from Brooklyn, NY
led by founder/mastermind Oliver Ackermann
Active: Since 2003 / 6 LPs (new one included)

Release: 4 February 2022
Order info: here


Second LP taster following lead-single Hold On Tight

Ackerman: “When the getting’s good, I hold on tight. Sometimes
I forget to enjoy where I am and the people around me. It is critical
to be thankful and enjoy existence and have fun. Having a bad night?
Reflect and kick yourself into gear.”

I love these motherrockers. They kick bad-asses, they rage
and roll, they trash and bash. Nine Inch Nails on speed.

Here they crush a catching pop melody under a wall of an illegal
amount of frenzied guitar decibels. All you need to go horn-mad
and punch Santa in the face. Sounds like big fun? You betcha!

The accompanying shows you how
to mess up your Xmas diner…

On Spotify

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: Facebook – Tour dates 2022

Amazing artwork of new album See Through You. Out 4 February 2022 via Dedstrange

(group photo via BigMouthPR)

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 46

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days

1. ‘Let’s See Each Other’ by A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS (New York)

New York’s electro darkwave bulldozer has its 6th album See Through You
ready for release on 4th February 2022. It’s a return to their fiercely independent,
DIY roots on their own label Dedstrange.

Lead single Let’s See Each Other is an intimate and disarming love song from
a forgotten future. Syncopated memories and deconstructed fantasies of lovers
lost in an ity that doesn’t know their names.

Press play, watch and listen…


2. ‘Sonic’ by DAYFLOWER (UK)

This indie dream-pop band from Leicester, England, combines nursery rhyme melodies, reverb-drenched guitars, and electronic textures. They released their debut full-length Honeyspun two years ago and now return with this astonishing wall-of-shoegaze stroke. Imagine My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Swervedriver having a decibels contest.

Sonic is a hazy, multi-layered and perplexing
discharge leaving you behind with your mouth open
and totally puzzled.

Here’s why…


3. ‘Do Ya Feel The Love’ by STEREOPHONICS (Wales, UK)

On 4 March 2022, the vivid Welsh veterans will make their
loyal fans smile with new full-length Oochya!, their 12th LP.

This track is a feverish rocker with an immediate impact on your
body’s activity. Add Kelly Jones‘ characteristically fervid vocals and
energetic guitars and you have a solid gold Stereophonics winner.

Make your move here, folks…


4. Be Sarcastic‘ by SHYBITS (Berlin)

This fervent German trio fuzz and buzz with panache and determination. Jingle jangle electricity with that early B-52′s swagger. If this steaming stunner doesn’t make you jump out of your lazy couch you better fire your shrink and change your meds at once while we all go crazy to this head-spinning twister. Top!

Feel the heat here…


5. ‘Capture Love’ by MELTED WINGS (Toronto)

Melted Wings is the multigenre project of Toronto musician Michael Wynn (founding member of bands Trains of Winter and Vicky von Vicky.)

His new longplayer lands next year. Ahead of it comes first taster Capture Love which explores the melancholy of feeling down and the occasional small lights of brightness
that can help you get out of the funk of these depressing times.

Expect an electro head-in-the-clouds groove with an 80s New Romantics vibe.
Heartening, beatific, and hopeful…


6. ‘Tenement Time’ by JOHNNY MARR (Manchester UK)

The Former The Smiths guitar hero has another solo LP canned,
actually, a double one called Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 that lands
next year, in February.

New single Tenement Time is an excitatory tune, with
instantly appealing hooks and upbeat chorus.

Turn it up, Johnny…


7. ‘Big Wave’ by MODERN MOXIE (South Carolina, US)

Vivid guitar pop band centered around multi-instrumentalist
Madison Lucas who took up songwriting in college.

Two years ago entrancing debut album Claw Your Way Out saw the day
of light and now Modern Moxie have a 5-track EP, called Gutter Honey,
ready to unleash on 9 December.

First taster Big Wave sticks from the kick-off, jumps forth and back
and energizes all the way driven by Lucas‘ avid vocals. Touchdown!

Let’s roll…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Leipzig’s Pysch Team FLYING MOON Remixed In SPACE

New striking strokes…

1 November 2021

(photo by Walther Le Kon)

Who: Psych-synth explorers from Leipzig, Germany

New single: THE OBSERVER remixed by New York City’s
noise junks A Place To Bury Strangers

Info: Last year FMIS released their splendid self-titled debut LP.
To keep the music alive the band decided to have 6 of its 8 tracks
remixed by Xiu Xiu, Suuns, Camera, Minami Deutsch, Warm Graves and
A Place To Bury Strangers (they released their new spooky EP, titled
Hologram last July) who had their hands on first taster, The Observer.

The remix EP arrives on January 28th and is set to be
released digitally and on 12” vinyl by Fuzz Club Records.

If you’re familiar with A Place To Bury Strangers you know that these
graveyard noiseniks prefer night to day, darkness to brightness and
surreality to reality. They vaccinated The Observer with their trademark
Gothesque duskiness turning The Observer into a haunting electro missile
speeding towards a crashing climax. Synth-fuck-tastic!

Join the supersonic ride here…