GUNS N’ ROSES – Back In Rock Business With Stunning Steamroller ‘ABSUЯD’

9 August 2021

Active since 1985 / 6 studio albums (so far)

New single: ABSUЯD
Actually a re-worked version of a song called Silkworms
from the 2008 Chinese Democracy sessions, but never
released before.

Wow! The macho rockers’ guns still smoke. ABSUЯD is a
stunning steamroller speeding like a punk tornado with
Axl Rose on a frenzied roll and Slash, well, being guitar
hero Slash again. Absobloodylutely ace!

Listen, motherfuckers, to the song that should be heard
Back down in the gutter is more than you deserve
Screaming fucking banshee, you know that’s what you are
Pussy full of maggots, isn’t that absurd

Press play and start your one-man moshpit

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