OUT NOW! Intense Third LP By Venturesome Canadian Singer/Songwriter iskwē – Here’s ‘acākosīk’…

14 November 2019

Artist: iskwē (pronounced iss-kway)

Who: Experimental, adventurous and much lauded Canadian singer/songwriter
who’s always exploring her own way of writing stout-hearted and unconventional,
yet captivating pop songs fitting her arresting vox. She’s as inventive, inspired and
imaginative as the great, surreal fairytale influenced sonic elf Björk

Album: acākosīk – pronounced acha-ko-suk – means ‘The Stars’ in English

Released: 8 November 2019

iskwē thoughts: “With the love, strength and guidance I’ve been shown by the ones
who surround me, I have been able to bring a vision to life, and in turn, share it with you. Without this love, strength and guidance from the ones who surround me, the ones who care, this record would be no more than a dream – and for this I am eternally grateful. Together,
we share a vision. We see the kindness that exists in this world. We see the love. We feel the patience needed to reach beyond our hand’s extension, and for this, I am grateful.”

Sound: A multifaceted fusion of varied emotions, varied musical textures and varied
sonic structures. Art-pop with, both, a human and dreamlike side. An intriguingly
emotive fusion of electronic puissance, grand choir orchestration, some profound
pensive moments and most of all a magnificent vocal impressiveness in the middle
of all the enchanting splendor. Breathtaking expressiveness, perfervid dedication
and awe-inspiring craftsmanship.

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