Happy 65 To ANGUS YOUNG – The Schoolboy Hero Of Hard Rock Legends AC/DC…

31 March 2020

Today 65 years ago, on 31 March 1955, ANGUS McKINNON YOUNG was born in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1963 he moved with his family to Australia. After playing in
a couple of small bands, he formed, with his brother AC/DC in 1973 and he became
world-famous for his schoolboy-uniform outfit – which he still wears at gigs – and his
own version of Chuck Berry’s duck walk while playing firework riffs. To celebrate the
hard rock hero’s birthday I picked three AC/DC classics, live versions of course.

Here we go, bang your head…




AC/DC: Facebook

YESTERDAY’S CRACKERS – This Week: 25 Killer Tracks And 3 Top LP’s From 1976 …

The best of the past

Every week Turn Up The Volume jumps into the past! Relive 25 Crackers and
3 Top Albums per year/per week. Here’s the first year punk showed up: 1976.

Here’s the 25 KILLER TRACKS selection…


Here are 3 TOP ALBUMS

– Self-titled RAMONES debut LP –

Stream here

– Self-titled BLONDIE debut LP –

Stream here

‘Stupidity‘ – Live LP by DR. FEELGOOD

Stream here


See/hear you next week for the year of 1977…