ACID HOUSE RAGAS Tickle Mind And Body With Vibey Sitar Jam ‘BHAIRAVI’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 December 2018

Renowned Montreal based sitar player Rishi Dhir, frontman of psych rockers Elephant Stone and part of this year’s supergroup project MIEN has teamed up with friend and frequent collaborator Stephen Ramsay of (also) Canadian band Young Galaxy to start
a new adventure called ACID HOUSE RAGAS. The first track of their upcoming album
is an instant exultation. BHAIRAVI fuses the dreamy side of former British top dance
acts Leftfield and Chemical Brothers and the Indian transcendent magic of the sitar just wonderfully. What you get is a mind-relaxing massage while your body’s muscles get activated by the trancy beat and make you move in mysterious ways. Feel it here…

ACID HOUSE RAGAS: Facebook /LABEL: Elephants On Parade Records

BHAIRAVI out now – available via Bandcamp and iTunes

(photo Rishi Dir via Bandcamp page AHR)