New RICHARD ASHCROFT Album – 12 Bittersweet Lockdown Symphonies For Your Candlelight Dinners

31 October 2021

Like many other artists during lockdown, the question for Richard Ashcroft was also “What I am gonna do with all this free time between four walls?” Most of them started to cover others (that trend never seems to stop), some continued making new music and some were counting their money and/or annoyed their families.

Ashcroft decided to re-dress 12 of his most famous songs (The Verve/solo) and released Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1 this weekend. Acoustic? No, not really. Besides an acoustic guitar,
I hear piano, strings, synths, horns, and layers of harmonies. This album is actually about killing time by turning the selected tunes into bittersweet lockdown symphonies with smooth, elegant, and soothing arrangements.

I’m an Ashcroft fan, but I’ll go back to
the originals for my candlelight dinners.

album via Spotify…