High-Passionate Canadian Duo GOODNIGHT SUNRISE Turn Up The Heat On Debut Album ‘AGAINST ALL ODDS’

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15 October 2022

Who: High-energy rock duo – Vanessa Vakharia (vocals, keytar)
and David Kochberg (vocals, guitar). from Toronto, CA

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Press info: Against All Odds is a poignant mantra: hard times come and go, but
persistence and resilience can pay off when you believe in something deeply, including yourself. The pair worked with producer/mixer Brian Moncarz, who helped us define a new heavy, dynamic sound as we embraced our love of both classic and modern rock music. Duncan Coutts (bass) and Jason Pierce (drums) of legendary Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace helped us achieve our goal of capturing the energy of our live show on record.

Photo by Morgan Harris

Vakharia/ Kochberg: “We honestly can’t believe that almost three years after we started writing and recording these songs, working on them through the darkest of days and wondering if they’d ever see the light, we are finally about to share our new album with the world. The feeling of playing these songs live on stage this year has been euphoric, and the album title is a testament to our band emerging from this period the same way we’ve taken on every challenge since we started in 2011: Against All Odds.”

Turn Up The Volume: No arty farty blah-blah for Goodnight Sunrise. From the firm blues rock opener One Pill to power pop closer Footsteps In The Dark the heat is on. In bewteen they combine electrical turbulnce (Belong / Wait For It) with rollicking mid-tempo jams
( Friends Like You / The Last Time / Better Off). Vanessa Vakharia‘s vocals, assisted at times by David Kochberg’s hearty pipes, reach for the sky while guitar riffs & hooks fly all over the place.

The keyword for this red-hot boiling debut is PASSION. From start to finish Goodnight Sunrise put all their energy, their dynamics, their heart, and soul in it. PASSION, indeed!

Focus track

It’s fireworks time, folks.

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