Big Albums Released This Day In 1973 (2) And 1979

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13 April 2021

8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016
Album: ALADDIN SANE – 6th LP
Released: 13 April 1973 – 48 years ago today

Notes: Recorded with his band The Spiders from Mars.
Partly thanks to the mega-hit ‘The Jean the Genie’ the album
topped the UK charts.

Rolling Stone wrote: “Aladdin is grander, more produced:
David is more than ever more mastermind than participant.
Aladdin’s very eclecticism makes it less exposed, conceptually,
than Ziggy.”

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Album: CATCH A FIRE (means: ‘Burn In Hell’) – 5th LP
Released: 13th April 1973 – 48 years ago today

Notes: 2 songs written by Peter Tosh, 7 by Marley.
The cover sleeve depicted a Zippo lighter. At first
the LP wasn’t a great success at all on release. But
after The Wailers toured the US and the UK in
support of the record sales exploded.

BBC Music said: “Reggae, up until this point, was a niche genre,
bought in the UK by ex-pat West Indians. It was even less widespread
in the States. Catch A Fire changed all that. Without it Bob Marley would
never have become a figurehead and no one outside of the Caribbean
would have heard of Bunny Wailer or Peter Tosh either. For this alone
Chris Blackwell should be canonised.”

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BOB MARLEY: All Albums

Released: 13 April 1979 – 42 years ago today

Notes: Peaked at #2 in the UK. The first full
album with Gary Moore. The track/single ‘Sarah
was about his newborn daughter.

All Music wrote: “Thin Lizzy’s last true classic album,
and their “most musically varied, accomplished, and
successful studio album.”

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THIN LIZZY: All Albums

HISTORY – 13 April 1973 – Release BOWIE’s Sixth LP

13 April 2019

Today 46 years ago, on 13th April 1973, the late great genius DAVID BOWIE released his sixth album ALADDIN SANE (A Lad Insane) with its iconic and timeless front sleeve image. Although less praised upon its release than his previous LP, the breakthrough masterpiece ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars‘ the fans loved it and it became a No 1 album in the UK and reached #17 in the US. Here are the two ace singles…



Album in full…

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DAVID BOWIE Released Masterpiece ‘ALADDIN SANE’ Album 45 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

11 April 2018


ALBUM: ALADDIN SANE – sixth album

RELEASED: 13 April 1973 – 45 years ago

ROLLING STONE wrote: “If by conventional lights Bowie is a lad insane, then as an Aladdin, a conjurer of supernatural forces, he is quite sane. The titles may change from album to album — from the superman, the homo superior, Ziggy, to Aladdin — but the vision, and Bowie’s rightful place in it, remain constant. The pun of the title, alternately vaunted and dismissive, plays on his own sense of discrepancy. Which way you read it depends upon whether you are viewing the present from the eyes of the past or the future. ‘Aladdin’ is less manic than ‘The Man Who Sold the World’, and less intimate than ‘Hunky Dory’, with none of its attacks of self-doubt. ‘Ziggy’, in turn, was less autobiographically revealing, more threatening than its predecessors, but still compact. David is more than ever more mastermind than participant.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Glamour. Glitter. Sex. Masterpiece.

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: The Jean Genie / Drive-In Saturday / Watch That Man…

1/ THE JEAN GENIE – red-hot classic…

2/ DRIVE-IN SATURDAY – vintage Bowie idiosyncrasy…

3/ WATCH THAT MAN – glam rock drone…

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Facebook – Album Discography

Immortal genius