Ardent Post-Punk Team THE MURDER CAPITAL Confirm Huge Potential With 2nd LP ‘GIGI’S RECOVERY’

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20 January 2023

Who: Irish, Dublin-based post-punk team

The Murder Capital made an instant impact with their 2019 debut
full-length When I Have Fears. They promise to do the same with
the follow-up LP GIGI’S RECOVERY will turn up on 20th January 2023.

James McGovern (frontman/lyricist) said to NME: “We’ve only got one record,
so there’s a lot left to write about. I feel like the sky’s the limit, really. When I strip
it all away though, my writing is just an endeavour to empathise, whether that’s
with myself or with others. To me, being vulnerable is at the forefront of what I do,
to allow other people to actually relate to or project upon whatever it is I’m expressing.
Love is a face at the party that you can’t really ignore.”

(James McGovern – photo by Turn Up The Volume – Pukkelpop Fest 2022)

NME: The Dublin band soar with an uncompromising second album loaded with heart and ideas. The Murder Capital may have arrived with a shout and a fist but they’re soaring now with nuance, ideas, a whole lot of heart and the first great guitar album of 2023. Anger is an energy, but love is strength. Score: 4/5.

TUTV: Piercing, deep-cutting emotions drenched in a capricious post-punk bath,
with hope and a future emerging in the end. Their star will rise way up with this
arousing opus.

Singles/clips: Ethel / ReturnMy Head / Only Good Things




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