U2 Released All Killers No Fillers Album’ ALL THAT YOU CAN’T LEAVE BEHIND’ 20 Years Ago

1 November 2020

Band: U2

Released: 30 October 2000 – 20 years ago
Score: #1 in most European countries and #3 in the US

AllMusic/Stephen Thomas Erlewine review: The title signifies more than it seems,
since the group sifts through its past, working with Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, all in
an effort to construct a classicist U2 album. Thankfully, it’s a rock record from a band
that absorbed all the elastic experimentation, studio trickery, dance flirtations, and
genre-bending of ‘Achtung Baby’, ‘Zooropa’, and ‘Pop’.

All That You Can’t Leave Behind winds up being a work of modest pleasures, where
the way the verse eases into the chorus means more than the overall message, and
this is truly the first U2 album where that sentiment applies, but there is genuine
pleasure in their craft, for the band and listener alike.”
Score: 4/5.

Paul David Hewson aka Bono: “The only person who ever called me Paul was
my father, so I always associate it with doing something wrong, you know.

Turn Up The Volume: Along with ‘Achtung Baby’ the Irish stadium rockers’
best album. All pop killers, no fillers. Seems like they found what they were
looking for.

Key tracks: Elevation / Kite / Grace


– KITE –


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