Alone Again After A Night For Lovers – AVA VOX In Distress On Impressive Single

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15 February 2022

Artist: AVA VOX

Who: Dublin native (real name Elaine Hannon) currently living in County Meath.
While she’s been involved with various music projects in the past few decades,
her Ava Vox persona emerged in September 2020. With a unique vocal timbre
and commanding delivery with a dash of Goth and Post-Punk, Ava Vox’s musical
style ranges from slow melodic atmospheric to dynamic rock.

FFO: Siouxsie & The Banshees, Autumn, Florence and the Machine,
The Danse Society, Carole Pope, Joy Division, The Cure, Nick Cave

New single: ALONE AGAIN
From her upcoming album ‘Immortalised!, out March 25.

Vox: “The song is about an abusive relationship, where the victim eventually
gets the courage to escape from their abuser. Once away, they realise it was
the right thing to do for them, and they feel happy and safe at last. But then
the abuser lures them back again, saying they will change, it will never happen

Turn Up The Volume: Sounds like Patti Smith‘s Because The Night ends
in a painful break-up for the lovers. Ava Vox‘s heartache vocality and hurt
timbre emphasise the confused state of mind of the abused one and the
melodramatic sonic boom of this emotional eruption expresses sorrow,
distress, and anxiety. Another gripping Vox performance.

Push me, push me, hard against the wall
kick me, trip me, push me till I fall
Alone again a smile that says it all
Alone again a smile that says it all
Till I crawl
Till I crawl.

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Lyrics and music written by The Seventh Veil (Elaine Hannon,
Robert Johnston, John Dalton)
Produced by Ava Vox & Ray McLoughlan at
RMC Recording Studios, Westmeath, Ireland
Engineered by Michael Nestor
Cover Artwork by Creative Photographer Robin Hannon.
Model by Claudia PĂ©rez Losada

(Ava Vox photo via Shameless PR)