Amazing Album Artwork From The Past – Cover Of ‘THINK TANK’ By BLUR Released 20 Years Ago Today

5 May 2023

20 years ago today, on 5 May 2003, BLUR released their 7th,
critcially praised album THINK TANK. It topped the UK charts.

Artwork: The cover was stenciled by the British
graffiti artist and political activist Bansky.

Despite Banksy stating that he normally avoids commercial work he later defended
his decision to do the cover, saying: “I’ve done a few things to pay the bills, and I did the
Blur album. It was a good record and the commission was quite a lot of money.

I think that’s a really important distinction to make. If it’s something you actually believe in, doing something commercial doesn’t turn it to shit just because it’s commercial. Otherwise you’ve got to be a socialist rejecting capitalism altogether, because the idea that you can
marry a quality product with a quality visual and be a part of that even though it’s capitalistic
is sometimes a contradiction you can’t live with. But sometimes it’s pretty symbiotic, like the Blur situation.”



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Amazing Artwork From The Past – Cover Of Debut LP By YEAH YEAH YEAHS Released 20 Years Ago

1 May 2023

Album: FEVER TO TELL – debut LP
Released: 29 April 2003 – 20 years ago

Artwork: by art-punk musician and all around creative artist SSION.

SSION: “I had never used Photoshop before. I feel like that’s part of the reason that it looks
the way it looks. I just didn’t know what I was doing. At the same time I think that’s sort of what they were after. Karen sent me that movie Wild Style [Charlie Ahearn’s 1983 cult hip- hop film]. She was really into how when you go on the subway or whatnot, there’s tons of flyers on top of one another, and things get peeled away so there’s all these layers. It looks like beautiful, and trashy – it’s that feeling of New York. For me, it was something that’s retro.”

YYYs released a short film to celebrate the 20th birthday of that debut album.

The two sublime singles.


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Amazing Album Artwork – The Cover Of Double Debut LP By THE TINDERSTICKS Released 30 Years Ago

For your eyes only

25 April 2023

Who: Nightdreamers from Nottingham (UK) fronted
by candlelight crooner Stuart A. Staples
Active: 1992–present / 13 LPs so far


Album Pick: Their self-titled double one.
Released: 11 October 1993 – 30 years ago

Artwork: The cover is a reproduction of a painting known as The Red Skirt, by popular mid 20th century Spanish artist Francisco Rodríguez Sánchez Clement (1893-1968).

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Album Artwork From The Past – Debut LP By MARILLION Released 40 Years Ago

For your eyes only

19 April 2023

Who: Prog rockers from in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
Active: 1979-present / 20 LPs with last year’s Distant Lights – Leicester
as the most recent one.

Album: SCRIPT FOR A JESTER’S TEAR – their debut.
Released: 40 years ago – 14 March 1983

Artwork: Designed by Mark Wilkinsonn who would got the job for
creating artwork for all Marillion releases through The Thieving Magpie
album that came out in 1988.

Back sleeve

Wilkinson (aged 71 now) is an English illustrator, best known for the detailed surrealistic cover art he created for among others, British metal champions Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and also for Marillion‘s lead singer Fishs’ solo albums. Versed in a number of
techniques, he is considered to be a master of the airbrush.


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Amazing Album Artwork – Cover Of Upcoming LP By EBM Art-ist TSAR B

Artist: TSAR B
Who: The moniker of Belgian songstress/violist/producer Justine Bourgeus,
who played in a couple of indie bands before starting her solo journey with
artful EMB pop.

New album: TO THE STARS
Pre-order info for the 12″ vinyl format here

Artwork designed by Lennert Madou

It follows her 2018 debut The Games I Played

But it’s not only the cover artwork, also her video clips are visual beauties.
Watch the clips for 2 of the singles/tracks off her forthcoming LP.



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New Amazing Album Artwork – Cover Of Upcoming LP By Michigan Screamos HOT MULLIGAN

For your eyes

10 March 2023

Who: Screaming emo rockers from Michigan
Active: Since 2014 – 3 LPs so far (including new one)

(Press photo via FB band)

Out: 12 May 2023 via Wax Bodega

First single: SHHHH! GOLF IS ON

Tades Sanville (frontman) says the song is about his mother: “I’m asking
her to die. Every time I hear about her, she’s a worse person than before.”


Why would you watch? Because it’s a killer slam.

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