Amazing Artwork – Cover Of New OSEES Album

Great album cover art

17 May 2022

Centipede JOHN DWYER is one of the hardest-working men on the planet.
He entertains garage-guitar-punk freaks all over the world with a non-stop
productivity with different bands.

Now he has another longplayer, baptized A FOUL FORM with OSEES
ready to inflame summer on 17th August via Castleface Records.

Dwyer says: “It’s brain stem cracking scum-punk
recorded tersely in the basement of my home.”

Along with the news comes the first single FUNERAL SOLUTION.

A blustery 1.52-minute whirlwind accompanied by a blustery whirlwind video…

OSEES: Facebook

Amazing Artwork – THE BIRTHDAY PARTY 40 Years Ago

Great album cover art

Band: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (1978-1983)
Who: Maniacal Australian gang fronted by
a young Nick Cave.

Artwork: Cover of their third and final LP JUNKYARD
released 10 May 1982. 40 years ago.

Drawing by American cartoonists Ed Roth and Dave Christensen.
The image looks like how NME described the BP back then:
“The Birthday Party are awful. Subversively awful. Awesomely great.
Awesomely brilliant.”

Key track: Dead Joe


Amazing Artwork – Cover Of New Album By Metalcore Loudmouths CANDY

Amazing album art

Metallic hardcore loudmouths CANDY from Richmond, Virginia just spread the news of
a new, their second, album, titled HEAVEN IS HERE coming next June. Pre-order info here.

I couldn’t find out (yet) what the LPs cover is about, but it doesn’t look
like heaven to me. On the opposite, I see a sort of hellish Holocaust scene.

Alert your ears, here comes the first single

CANDY: Facebook

Amazing Artwork – Debut LP LOU REED 50 Years Ago

Eye-catching album art

27 April 2022

50 years ago this month late genius LOU REED released his self-titled commercially
and critically disappointing debut LP. In retrospect, it’s not a bad album whatsoever.
It’s a characteristic pop/rock Reed album with several tracks greatly reworked on later
LPs, but the production here sucks.

AllMusic said: “On its own terms, Lou Reed isn’t a bad album, but it isn’t a terribly interesting one either, and since superior performances of most of these songs are available elsewhere, it stands today more as a historical curiosity than anything else.”

Anecdote 1: Keyboardist Rick Wakeman and guitarist Steve Howe from the celebrated progressive rock band YES played on all tracks. Yes, a truly bizarre combination.

Anecdote 2: Wakeman said about the recording sessions,
“the lights had to be out so nobody could see.”

Artwork: Designed by Tom Adams. The US-born Anglo-Scots illustrator and painter who
is best known for his book cover art for the paperback editions of Agatha Christie.

Artwork by Adams

Key track

Full album

LOU REED: Story – All Albums

Amazing Artwork – FLEETWOOD MAC 1969

Eye-catching album cover art

The original FLEETWOOD MAC line-up (1967-1974) fronted by singer/songwriter Peter Green (1946-2020) was all about raw-riff blues-rock. They scored their greatest hits with magic ballad Albatross, the bewitching mid-tempo Black Magic Woman and the jaw-dropping classic Oh Well.

Back in 1969, the band released a compilation called English Rose
with founder and drummer Mick Fleetwood in drag on the cover.

One of those FM I classics, OH WELL


Amazing Artwork! Attention For New LIVE ALBUM By MILEY CYRUS

Amazing album cover art

Last Friday Nashville‘s sweaty rock Amazon released
her first live album called ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE.

Pitchfork isn’t impressed: “Attention gives a lot of fragments,
but Cyrus can’t pull them together convincingly. All we have are
snapshots of an artist who still can’t tell us what any of them mean.”

Artwork: I guess Cyrus was tired of having her face on
her album covers all the time so she decided to get our
attention this way…

Attention, here comes Miley…


Amazing Artwork! Cover Of GENTLE GIANT Album Released 50 Years Ago

Eye-catching album cover art

16 April 2022


Who: Experimental, art-rockers
from London, UK

Active: 1970-1980
Albums: 11 ones in 10 years – great work, guys

Artwork: Cover of their 3rd LP Three Friends, released 50 years ago, on 14 April 1972 reflects the albums’ concept stories of three childhood friends whose lives take them
to very different places.

However, each of the three friends are unsatisfied with their new lives. The closing song ends the story on a cliffhanger; whether or not the three friends ever reunite is never revealed.

Full album on Spotify…


Inner sleeve

Back sleeve

GENTLE GIANT: Story – All Albums