DURAN DURAN Still Have The Right Reflexes – Watch And Hear ‘ANNIVERSARY’

20 October 2021

Band: DURAN DURAN (Birmingham, UK)
Active: Since 1978 / 14 studio albums so far

New album: FUTURE PAST
Out: This Friday, 22 October via Tape Modern/BMG

Single/clip: ANNIVERSARY
One of the four singles from
the upcoming LP

John Taylor (bassist and the band’s co-founder) said: “ANNIVERSARY’ is
a special song for us. Obviously, we were conscious of our own impending
40th anniversary of making music together, but we wanted the song’s meaning
to be inclusive in the broadest possible way. After playing and working together
for so long, we very much appreciate what ‘being together’ and ’staying together’
can really mean, it’s not something we would have thought song-worthy 40 years
ago but we do today! It was also fun to build a track with hints of previous Duran
hits, they’re like Easter eggs, for the fans to find.”

The glam gentlemen still know how to write energetic and magnetic pop
earworms. They still have the right reflexes after 40 years. Yes, they grow
older in flashing style.

The video clip features lookalike stars including Elton John,
Madonna, Stormzy, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig
and more.

Roll the tape…