Chicago Act WALCOT With A Vampire Pop Touch On Upbeat Harpsichord Single ‘ANOTHER MAN’

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4 April 2022

Indie rockers from Chicago with captain
Asher George
based in Charlotte, NC.

New single: ANOTHER MAN
Only the second track the band shares with the world.
It’s from the upcoming Songs for the Disenfranchised EP.

“It’s a very different vibe from the first single dreamin away but if you like
Vampire Weekend, you might like what this sounds like. And if you didn’t
like the sound of a harpsichord before, or know what one was, you might
like it now and your friends will like it too.”

I can’t remember if I ever heard a harpsichord on a pop song. I guess not,
so my ears just enjoyed their premiere of a sort of new instrumental sonority
on a pop-ular tune.

Obviously inspired by Vampire Weekend’s glossy frolicsomeness and with flashes
of Band Of Horses‘ flow Another Man makes your head nod up and down and invites
your feet to shuffle, while that harpsichord adds a fresh sonic vibration. Welcome.

Press play and get impressed…

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