The Jukebox Series: only the greats can fill a Wurlitzer with fifteen memorable moments…

31 January 2018

A psychedelia turbine generating 60s kaleidoscopic escapades
since 1990, from San Francisco to Berlin, from mind-expanding
Beatles to satanic Stones echoes, from Methrodrone to Don’t
Get Lost
. Dim the lights, sit down, relax, open your mind
Here are TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s 15 favorite revelations
by trip mastermind ANTON NEWCOMBE and his longtime
psychotropic orchestra THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE


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(pic on top by Turn Up The Volume – Botanique Venue, Brussels 2014)

THE LIMIÑANAS Score Big Time With Their New ‘No Fillers All Killers’ Album… SHADOW PEOPLE

When you can’t resist new sonic vibrations, play them on…


(artwork new album)

Mind-expanding French duo THE LIMIÑANAS just released their new longplayer – and to my hungry ears, without a shadow of a doubt, their best so far – SHADOW PEOPLE. No fillers, all killers. All their well-known sonic key strengths meet in harmony just brilliantly on this new LP with Marie‘s irresistible, repetitive, tribal kicks and Lionel‘s sensual guitar grooves as the non-stop throbbing heartbeat from the very ouverture to the melancholic finish. The mesmeric collaborations are spot on as usual (with New Order/Joy Division bass legend Peter Hook, psychedelia junkie Anton Newcombe / French singer/author Bertrand Belin and French actress/musician Emmanuelle Seigner) and fit the whole story perfectly.

The overall hypnotic and gloomy swagger transfer you to the cinematic glamour and twilight glitter of a film noir. Spellbinding jams infiltrate all pitch-black corners of the
dark side of your satisfied mind. This is the first truly striking record of the new year.
Dim the lights, relax, have yourself a drink, alert all of your senses and experience an avalanche of sensory trips on repeat, like me…

And to satisfy your greedy eyes too here are two visualized tracks off the album…

* SHADOW PEOPLE (title track feat. the wonderful Emmanuelle Seigner)

* ISTANBUL IS SLEEPY (featuring The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s mastermind)

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(photo by TUTVi)

ANTON NEWCOMBE – The ‘Record Store Day UK 2017 Champion’ Is Making Art Everyday…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Sometimes I wonder if the days in Berlin count 48 instead of 24 hours because the longtime psychedelia explorer Anton Newcombe who lives in Germany’s capital for
some years now is unquestionably the most productive and creative artist on this
planet. He’s the mastermind of The Brian Jonestown Massacre (four albums in the last
four years), the inspiring soul of several collaborations and the producer of many like-minded musicians. His motto is ‘MAKE ART EVERYDAY’ and that is exactly what the Californian 24/7 sonic addict does. Experience here two new trippy works in progress…

The Maharishi’s Underpants
(feat. the voice of legendary, spiritual guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Man þegar þeir stoppuðu tíma?

As part of Anton‘s official involvement with the 10th birthday (next Friday, 22 April) of Record Store Day UK, he will re-release The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s 1991 Pol Pot’s Pleasure Penthouse LP for the very first time on vinyl. Years ago, the album was only released on cassette format (limited to 500 copies) via Burger Records. The music was recorded back in 1990/91 at Newcombe’s home in San Francisco. “I used to make up songs everyday on the 4 track just to teach myself how to write. I understood what I liked about music, I just didn’t know how to pull it out of the ether and bring them into being. I would make demo tapes and share them with friends, endless demo tapes, I would send them to magazines and record labels with no return address, just for the fuck of it. It was never my intention to actually release this music. For instance if I came up with a country song, I would finish it just to learn more about writing. I didn’t want to be in a classic country group, this is a document of my learning process. Good times…”

Here’s this year’s Record Store Day UK Champion talking about collecting records …

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Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…




Psychedelia expert Anton Newcombe is probably the hardest working and most productive artist on the planet. Brand new album DON’T GET LOST, released yesterday 24 February, is his 4th release of new music in the past two years and his 16th longplayer overall with his band featuring this time Ricky Maymi, Dan Allaire, Collin Hegna & Ryan Van Kriedt, and with contributions from Also Emil Nikolaisen from Norwegian group Serena-Maneesh and Pete Fraser (The Pogues, New Young Pony Club) on saxophone, plus vocal performances
from Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Tess Parks and Shaun Rivers. Time to discover the San Francicso born and Berlin based psych wizard’s new groovy jams, all weekend long…

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