Amazing Artwork – THE CLASH Today 43 Years Ago

14 December 2022

Legends THE CLASH released LONDON CALLING, their best-ever LP,
a double one, on 14 December 1979, 43 years ago today.

The album’s front cover shows a picture of bassist Paul Simonon smashing his
Fender Precision Bass
at the Palladium in New York City on 20 September 1979.

He did it out of frustration when he learned that the bouncers at the concert would
not allow the audience members to stand up out of their seats; The shot was taken
by legendary, renowned photographer Pennie Smith.

Back sleeve

THE CLASH: Bio – Discography

Amazing Artwork – Jazz Fusion Legends WEATHER REPORT 45 Years Ago

27 February 2022

Who: Praised jazz fusion collective from NYC
Active: 1970-1986 / 14 LPs

Artwork: Cover of their most successful album
HEAVY WEATHER released in 1977, 45 years ago.

The illustration is by Poland born collage artist Lou Beach.

“I was an early adaptor of the computer, saw the writing on the screen and transitioned
to that for many years. It was a very effective tool, but I think it made me lazy, the work
suffered after a time, and I lost touch with my hands. It was great to start making real
collages again, which is all I do now. Family legend has it that I was left in my crib as a
toddler with lots of magazines, which I proceeded to tear into pieces. No glue, however.”


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Back cover