YO LA TENGO Still Sassy Stars In Indie Land With Their 17th Album ‘THIS STUPID WORLD’

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10 February 2023

Who: Veteran indies from Hoboken, New Jersey
Active: 1984-present / 17 LPs (the new one included).

Released: 10 February 2023
Order info: here.

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Info: “The most live-sounding Yo La Tengo album in years. Times have changed for
Yo La Tengo as much as they have for everyone else. In the past, the band has often worked with outside producers and mixers. In their latest effort, the first full-length in
five years, This Stupid World was created all by themselves. And their time-tested judgment is both sturdy enough to keep things to the band’s high standards, and nimble enough to make things new. At the base of nearly every track is the trio playing all at once, giving everything a right-now feel. There’s an immediacy to the music as if the distance between the first pass and the final product has become more direct.”

Pitchfork says: “On their liveliest album in at least a decade, indie rock’s most steadfast institution squares up against ubiquitous darkness. This Stupid World is just a particularly timely chapter in the modest saga of indie rock’s most unassuming institution.”
Full review here. Score:8.5.

TUTV: Yo la Tengo is all things indie. They follow their own capricious path, for almost
40 years now. They create uncomplicated melodies and then give them an edgy touch
that guides them in different directions. Musing (Aselestine / Tonight’s Episode / Apology Letter / Miles Away), wrought-up (Brain Capers / Fall Out) and pitch-psychedelic-black on
the distorted title track. From acoustic to electric and back. Different moods, different sonic tones. It’s old news that we live in a stupid world where political me, myself, and I leaders use the 2000-year-old trick of divide and conquer. YLT know too, of course, but reality as it is, obviously inspire them to make another remarkable record.

A spot-on indie opus.

Singles/clips: Fall Out / Aselestine / Sinatra Drive Breakdown





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