Rowdy Irish Team M(H)AOL Explodes In Your Face When You’re ‘ASKING FOR IT’

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16 April 2021

Band: M(H)AOL (Dublin, Ireland)
Who: Well, their keywords are crystal clear…
“Feminism. Animal welfare. Chipper chips.”

Pick: ASKING FOR IT – newest single

TUTV says: Brilliant score! Two middle fingers for all sexist bullies out there who assault women. Watch your balls, macho’s, ’cause M(h)aol’s riot grrls are gonna fry them if you’re trying to do what they didn’t ask for, while they burn your deaf ears with their hellish-razor-blade-and-punk-cutting clamor. Capiche?

When I screamed in the night
I wasn’t screaming for you
I was afraid of the things
That you’d do
I was asking for it
Was I asking for it?
Did I ask for this?

Check your speakers first…

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