ASTRAL SWANS – Canadian Musician Grooves On New Single ‘SHiNE THE LIGHT’ With Company Of Some Freaky Sax

New striking strokes

22 September 2023

Who: The project of human songmaker
Matthew Swann
from Calgary, Canada.

New single: SHINE THE LIGHT featuring Jairus Shariff

“My new song, “Shine the Light Inside,” came about during an artist residency. I lived
in a hotel room for three months in downtown Calgary where I wrote and recorded music within the isolation of my suite. My early music career was informed by DIY home recording
and experimenting in unorthodox ways whereas my last two full length records were full
studio productions with a lot of collaboration.

I wanted to make something weird by myself, playing with bizarre sounds and structures.
I used the cheapest midi controller I could find, one microphone, an interface for guitar and bass. Featuring a freeform noise sax solo from Jairus Sharif, I’d love for you to hear “Shine the Light Inside,” a song about a billionaire’s rocket going off course à la Major Tom. “

TUTV: This Krautrock-like electronic groover, driven by a rotating guitar-bass
riff, moves on and on, and creeps under your skin without asking. Swann gets
company somewhere in the middle, when a freaky saxophone pops up in the
back and adds a hallucinatory disturbance to this notable feat.

I propose to shoot Eton Musk, in space, on a one-way ticket
while I play Shine the Light Inside on repeat here on Earth.



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