Belgian Rockers BEECH Score With Double A-Side Single – Listen To ‘THE AFTERMATH’ And ‘AT THE WELL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

21 September 2021

Who: Electrifying 4-piece
out of Belgium


Kristof Souvagie (singer/songwriter) about The Aftermath: “It was
the first song I recorded for this new album. It was the first time I would
play all the instruments myself. I remember stressing a bit about this and
thinking “Will I get away with it?”. Funny thing: The song didn’t make the
album in the end, but it’s still a damn sweet single if you ask me. And a
real banger live!”

About At The Well: “I wrote ‘At The Well’ ages ago, I guess around 2016.
I threw it away a couple of times, but the melody kept coming back to me.
So I decided to record it properly. I laid down a pretty simple drumbeat, I
wanted it to be some kind of loop. There is also a super fuzzy guitar solo
at the end, hidden in the mix.”

Turn Up The Volume: Both songs are family. Beech bring mellow Scottish
rockers Teenage Fanclub to mind with their Byrds-like harmonies and jingle
jangle vibes. Combine this with the band’s slacker rock sensibility and what
you get is two feel-good tunes you can hum along, whistle along or sing along
on these Indian summer days. That’s what pop-ular music is about, ignoring
reality for a while with closed eyes and your headphones on.

Check them out here…

BEECH: Facebook

New album ARTIFACT out 6th October