Going Back In Time – Five Big Longplayers By Five Legendary Bands…

4 October 2020

Band: The Specials
Album: More Specials – second LP
Released: 4 October 1980 – 40 years ago

Jerry Dammers on the American tour to promote the LP:
Vibraphone music in elevators. Obviously this was classed as
rubbish. I don’t know if it was my state of mind, because I was
so zonked, but it struck me as a really weird, psychedelic music,
which is now called lounge or exotica. It’s been rehabilitated, but
at the time, to say you actually liked that music was mad. It
completely freaked out some of the band.”


Band: Pink Floyd
Album: Atom Heart Mother – fifth LP
Released: 2 October 1970 – 50 years ago

David Gilmour: “A load of rubbish. We were at a real down point.
I think we were scraping the barrel a bit at that period. ‘Atom Heart
Mother’ sounds like we didn’t have any idea between us, but we
became much more prolific after it.”

PINK FLOYD: All Albums

Band: The Who
Album: The Who By Numbers – seventh LP
Released: 3 October 1975 – 45 years ago

John Entwistle. “The band’s late great bassist): “The first
cover I designed. I never got paid for. We were taking it in turns
to do the covers. It was Pete’s turn before me and we did the
Quadrophenia cover, which cost about the same as a small
house back then, about £16,000. My cover cost £32.”

THE WHO: All Albums

Band: The Police
Album: Zenyatta Mondatta – third LP
Released: 3 October 1980 – 40 years ago

Stewart Copeland (drummer) about the LP’s title artwork:
“It’s the same explanation that applies to the last two. It doesn’t
have a specific meaning like ‘Police Brutality’ or ‘Police Arrest’,
or anything predictable like that. Being vague it says a lot more.
Miles (Stewart Copeland’s brother and group manager) came up
with “Trimondo Blondomina”. Very subtle. Like three blondes
and the world. Then somebody thought of “Caprido Von Renislam”.
That rolls off the tongue. It was the address of the studio.

THE POLICE: All Albums

Band: Killing Joke
Album: Killing Joke – debut LP
Released: 5 October – 40 years ago

Jaz Coleman: “The first wave of punk was
manufactured. It was manufactured as boys
band but what came out of it was very interesting.”


Picture This…

Here’s, probably the one and only cow that ever topped the UK Albums Chart. This
Holstein Friesian cow was on the front cover of PINK FLOYD‘s fifth album called
ATOM HEART MOTHER , the band’s first No 1 LP in the UK hitting the top spot on
24 October 1970, 49 years ago today. I actually wonder what her name was…

Here’s the cow’s symphonic music…