MELOMANIA – Very Young British Bloodhounds Score Big Time With Smashing Debut Single ‘ATOMIZE’

17 September 2023

Who: 3 hungry indies – 15, 15, and 16 years old – from Hull, UK.

New single: ATOMIZE
The band’s debut.

About: “Lyrically the track portrays Melomania’s thoughts and feelings on modern society
and how people feign a lack of intelligence and ignorance to fit in with the modern ‘norm’.
It’s a message to not waste your potential in life – don’t Atomize to avoid ridicule but make
the most of your talent, regardless of people’s opinions.”

TUTV: It’s always a fantastic moment when teenagers leave their bedrooms, pick up a guitar, a bass and a drum and rock their hearts and souls out with gusto, bravado, and fearlessness. There’s always an old generation that fades away, there’s always a new one needed to come forward and hit the music scene. Enter young bloodhounds Melomania.

That said, be ready for a wall-of-fulminating-guitar racket that scares your speakers.
Atomize is a mean riff machine with a clamorous chorus. Open your windows and
doors and awake the whole neighborhood. Whether they like it or not, it’s your stereo,
it’s your time to make a stand, it’s your new fav band and it’s your way of spreading the LOUD word that there’s a new gang in town.

Stand up, get up and fight for your right to go nuts to
Melomania‘s raw sonic appetite and their kick-ass attitude.

Smashing debut!

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