Collaborative Magic Act SPIRITS HAVING FUN Scores With Impressive Debut Track ‘ELECTRICITY EXPLORER’…

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18 April 2019

Band: SPIRITS HAVING FUN – debut single from upcoming debut LP

Who: A fresh, inventive act out of Chicago and New York. ‘Coming from such eclectic backgrounds as jazz and composition, ska and punk, folk and synthpop, the members of
Spirits Having Fun (Katie McShane, Jesse Heasly, Andrew Clinkman, and Phil Sudderberg)
are at home with improvisation, but only/especially because of their affinity for each other, musically. ‘Collaborative magic’
they call it. ‘

Track: ELECTRICITY EXPLORER – first single from upcoming debut LP

Score Triggered obviously by the free spirit of prog & jazz rock and their own capricious minds this adventurous team of exploring musicians catches your sonic attention from
the get-go as they turn an exciting blend of wayward riffs, bouncy licks, trippy percussion and far-out vocals into something infectiously kooky that will activate every nerve of your agitated body. Weird, inventive, highly entertaining and big fun! And they take care about your visual needs too. Open your eyes, focus, have a lemon and listen/watch right here…


Four spirits preparing themselves to have fun

Debut album AUTO-PORTRAIT out – cassette and digital album – on 28 June. All info here