Orchestral Pop Grandeur With Norwegian Trio DIM GRAY And New Single ‘AVALON (THE TIDE)’

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15 June 2022

photo by Emil Vestre

Who: Three musicians coming from different places, both musically and geographically, with each member moving from different parts of Norway to Oslo a decade ago to study. All three have contrasting backgrounds in genres as diverse as black metal, progressive rock, blues, folk and film music, but in fusing these together they have developed their own distinctive sound.

New album: FIRMAMENT – their 2nd longplayer
Out: 9 September 2022 via English Electric Recordings

Artwork by Linnea Vestre

New single: AVALON (THE TIDE)
The second shared track following lead single Mare

The trio state that writing this piece was “where the album really started, as it became a blueprint for the entire record. The expansiveness in its lydian harmonies and modulations,
the prevalence of piano and strings, as well as the lyrical themes, all came to influence the
rest of the songs.”

Turn Up The Volume: Dim Gray operate in a place where the melodrama of Sigur Rós
and the darksome epicness of British romantics Editors become one. This heart-and-soul stirring trio reverberates like a full orchestra. They’re cinematic pop architects working with a musical drone flying up high and showing us where the ocean meets the sky. Supreme stroke!

Enjoy here…

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