Manchester Bloodhounds SPLINT Steamroll On New Adrenaline-Charged Single AWAITING HILLS

Daily electricity to load your batteries

23 April 2023

Who: Chaotic post-punk team led by Jake Bogacki. From the misted moor
tops of Hebden Bridge, the sullen alleys of Manchester and on to black box
sweat pits of the wider UK, tipped and troubled punk/moodscape band.


The third single to be released with influential incubator, Nice Swan Records,
the skin-tight wiry riffed, gritty verse-throwing track finds journal scribbling talisman,
Jake Bogacki, finding his true voice. One bearing the scrapes and scars of nicotine
and nocturnal misadventure.

Jake Bogacki: “The portrait of ‘Awaiting Hills’ is reflective and meaningless, creating
an idea of magnitude from the ordinary. Self-expression isn’t something that necessarily
has to be dissected. It takes the realness and meaning from a moment that’s now only
a song. It’s for someone else to find meaning.”

TUTV: These genuinely antagonized bloodhounds join the startling cast of the British rebirth of dumfounding post-punk with bands such as: Ditz, Crows, black midi, Lice, Black Country New Road and the whole roster of Nice Swan Records. Must be the one and only positive thing about Brexit as it inspired lots of youngsters to get up, stand up and embed their anger/frustration/irritation in cast iron songs.

Awaiting Hills is an adrenaline-charged steamroller pushed by barbed wire guitars, relentless percussion, and Jake Bogacki‘s sharp-teethed vocals. Its intoxicating psych groove hits you for 6 thrilling minutes. No breaks, no brakes, no mistakes. Thank you fucking Brexit.

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