London’s Female Engine GHOST CAR Speeds Up On New Single ‘AWKWARD’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 August 2019


Who: “An all female rock-riot girl type band, with sickly sweet voices mixed with haunting keyboard sounds and gritty punk guitars and bass. They’re like a mixture between an all female version of the Cramps and a more punk, grunge version of Tennis. Crazy, and dead nice too!”

Pick: AWKWARD – the band’s new and first single for Greenway Records

Score: This oiled London-based foursome speeds up like a Grand Prix race car on their
new flashing ripper. The way they merge pop catchiness and punk velocity will boost your adrenalin’s flow and make your head spin 360°. Their speedy harmonious vocals hit you sharp and clear and their guitars go nuts midway. They buzz and rush like the best. ‘Awkward‘ is an expeditious steamroller. Capture all the giddy commotion right here…

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